Mental Health Cooperative transforms organizational efficiency with NetSuite and Kraft Enterprise Systems

Client Challenge
Mental Health Cooperative (MHC), a full-service behavioral healthcare organization based in Nashville, TN, was experiencing significant system limitations while operating their business on an outdated version of Microsoft Dynamics GP and knew it was time for a change.

“As we started to grow and expand our services, it became clear very quickly that inefficient processes and a lack of visibility into the organization were holding us back in several key areas of the business”, said Jenifer Felts, MHC’s Controller. “When we started to see stuck batches and data loss, it was a sign that we needed to modernize our business as quickly as possible.”

When faced with the decision to upgrade Dynamics GP to a current version or migrate to a more modern, Cloud-based ERP system, it was an easy decision, said Felts. “Upgrading to a newer version of GP wasn’t going to accomplish much because we would still lack the robust functionality that we needed to operate our business efficiently. Also, the complexity of involving IT in daily tasks would still be there. With a Cloud-based ERP, we knew we would gain robust functionality while also having a system that supported our goal of improved business processes. It made sense from every angle to migrate to a Cloud-based ERP.”

Healthcare and Behavioral Services Industry-Specific Requirements  
Along with more robust functionality, MHC knew they also needed a Cloud-based ERP to address their unique healthcare business and accounting needs, specifically within patient services. In addition to providing behavioral health services, MHC also operates a primary care clinic and a representative payee program. With their complexity of service offerings, it was critical that the new system could accommodate the unique requirements within each of those areas.

“We have a reputation for being one of the most flexible payee programs in the state and we needed a system to help us maintain and even exceed that level of service to our clients and patients”, said Jimmy Johnson, MHC’s Representative Payee Manager. “With Dynamics GP, reporting had become cumbersome and there was a lot of room for inaccuracy due to disconnected systems. We needed an efficient way to provide solid financials to our team so that we could better plan for future growth and serve our patients.” In addition to internal reporting, MHC also needed to better track expenses and provide accurate Social Security reporting related to their representative payee program.

Partner and Software Evaluation/Selection    
To begin the software selection process, MHC engaged Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) to provide guidance and expertise in this area. “We had previously worked with KES on a separate budgeting and forecasting solution and were very impressed with the outcome of that implementation”, said Felts. “We also knew KES had extensive accounting and business knowledge in addition to Cloud ERP expertise, so it was an easy decision for us.”

While some companies evaluate more than one Cloud-based ERP, MHC was confident they wanted to go with NetSuite Cloud ERP after hearing positive feedback from other NetSuite users. “Even though we were pretty firm on selecting NetSuite, KES still went above and beyond to understand our business needs to make sure the software aligned with our business needs”, said Johnson. “Their team was very down to earth and listened to our concerns but also made out-of-the box suggestions to address our unique challenges.”

KES Partnership and NetSuite Cloud ERP Implementation
From the beginning, it was important for MHC to have visibility into their NetSuite implementation. “Once we committed to NetSuite and KES as our implementation partner, it was obvious the KES team was committed to our team just as much”, said Johnson. “We never had to wonder as to the status of the implementation. KES kept us informed every step of the way, but they were also very intentional and respectful of our time.”

Looking back on the implementation, Johnson mentioned he was impressed with how KES made NetSuite work for their business as opposed to manipulating MHC processes to make them fit the software. “A lot of partners don’t take the time to really understand what you need out of a software implementation”, said Johnson. “It’s a critical time, and having the right partner on your side will not only make your life easier during implementation, but will also position your business for long-term success. That kind of partnership is invaluable.”

Post Go-Live and Training
MHC knew it was critical to have a post go-live plan in place, and they looked to KES for guidance in this area. “It was important to us that we have a partner who was not only committed during implementation, but that would also remain dedicated post go-live”, said Felts. “From experience, I know it’s inevitable that issues arise during post go-live, and having a proactive partner can make all the difference. KES was aware of our big milestones as a business and they were very intentional about alerting us to any potential issues.”

Transition to KES Customer Care Plan (a.k.a. “The Easy Button”)
After immediate post go-live assistance, MHC made the smart decision to transition to a KES Customer Care Plan to ensure the long-term health of their NetSuite software and business. “We knew from the beginning that if we were going to invest in NetSuite, we wanted to do everything we could to make sure it was operating as efficiently as possible”, said Felts. “Two of the services I really value with the care plan are the annual health check and the semi-annual release impact analysis. We love the convenience of having KES as the NetSuite experts while we do our day jobs. The KES Customer Care Plan is our “easy button” and it is worth it.”

Client Success  

It’s been two years since MHC implemented NetSuite, and they are continuing to realize the tremendous benefits of a modern Cloud-based ERP. “In addition to decreased operating costs, our need to hire additional staff went away because our improved business processes replaced previously manual tasks. The ability to increase our client base without additional hiring expenses is a big win for a service-based organization and would not have been possible without NetSuite and our partnership with Kraft Enterprise Systems,” said Felts.

MHC has also experienced significant improvements in several other key areas of the business. Check runs in Dynamics GP were averaging two days and now take three to four hours to complete with NetSuite. For check deposits, MHC can complete in fifteen minutes what previously took two and a half hours with Dynamics GP.

According to Johnson, the efficiencies gained are not limited to their internal processes. As a proud manager of their Representative Payee Program, he also stated that their clients are much happier with the turnaround time on checks being issued. The time-consuming process of fixing errors and voiding checks has been eliminated, and clients now have more visibility into the status of their finances. For Johnson, this increased client satisfaction is more than he could have hoped for. “When a client is happy with the services we provide and it makes their life easier, all of the hard work becomes worth it”, said Johnson.

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