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Uncommon James Used NetSuite to Manage Rapid Growth and the KES True Partner Approach to Bring all the Pieces Together

With rapid growth comes challenges. Uncommon James grew so quickly that they outgrew their starter systems in record time. Their initial systems couldn’t handle the drastic increase in orders and inventory or the needed integrations with Amazon and other retailers. The systems provided little automation and didn’t have the capability to scale up to the level Uncommon James needed.

“As with any organization that has gone through the level of growth we’ve recently experienced, we had to do a great deal of pivoting and that ultimately led us to signing up for NetSuite.”

“When we first jumped into NetSuite, we decided to take more of an independent approach to implementation. That was not the right answer. We found out quickly we needed a partner and thank goodness we found Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES). I cannot say enough good things about KES. They really understand what the word partner means. This partnership has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made.”

Ryan Evans
Director of Finance
Uncommon James

When KES entered the picture, our experienced NetSuite consultants embarked on the Uncommon James project using our true partner approach, essentially becoming an extension of their team. We worked with Uncommon James to define the optimal end-to-end processes, developed a project plan, and then co-managed the deployment of the plan with them.

Waystar Used KES A/R Toolkit and KES Customer Portal SuiteApps to Improve Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

“We had been handling collections and customer support cases manually for 10 years. With our rapid growth, this no longer worked and things needed to change. We are fanatically focused on a great customer experience at every single touch point — and that’s why we wanted to make an investment to improve/optimize this A/R process for our clients.”

Jennifer Sciborski
Collections Manager

After deciding to partner with Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) to evaluate a solution for their collections and customer support needs, Waystar implemented a bundled SuiteApps solution — the KES A/R Toolkit and KES Customer Portal, both designed to work directly within NetSuite. With the KES A/R Toolkit, Waystar is now able to customize their billing and have set up dunning/collections to target clients that are past due on invoices. With the KES Customer Portal, everything that was previously managed manually is now automated, and Waystar can now streamline and manage customer support cases.

“It’s the best implementation I’ve ever had, with any vendor. It’s been a true team effort, and we owe so much to KES for improving our efficiency and making us self sufficient,” said Jennifer Sciborski.

Alloy Wheel Used KES SuiteApps to Extend NetSuite's Functionality and Improve Their Financial Management Processes

When the family-owned business was acquired in 2015, they were using QuickBooks. Once they started rapidly opening additional locations, they knew they needed a more robust system.

“As we opened additional locations, our users and data set were also expanding. QuickBooks couldn’t keep up and was crashing daily. Each of our locations needed its own QuickBooks file and consolidating all of those files for reporting was a major challenge. We outgrew QuickBooks as we grew, and we realized it wasn’t sustainable for our business anymore. That’s when we moved to NetSuite.”

Crystal Robinson
Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

Alloy Wheel hired Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) to deploy NetSuite — helping them streamline operations and consolidate all locations into a single system. Once NetSuite was up and running and better handling Alloy Wheel’s increased accounting volumes from multi-subsidiaries, they wanted to extend their NetSuite functionality even further to increase financial management efficiencies. That’s where KES SuiteApps came into play.


Mental Health Cooperative Transformed Organizational Efficiency with NetSuite and Kraft Enterprise Systems

“In addition to decreased operating costs, our need to hire additional staff went away because our improved business processes replaced previously manual tasks. The ability to increase our client base without additional hiring expenses is a big win for a service-based organization and would not have been possible without NetSuite and our partnership with Kraft Enterprise Systems".

Jenifer Felts
Mental Health Cooperative


Ryman Hospitality Was on a Tight Deadline and Kraft Enterprise Systems Met the Deadline Seamlessly

“Our change to NetSuite wasn’t necessarily complex, but we were on a very short, three-month timeframe for initial implementation. Everything had to be timed correctly and cooperative with upgrades in our accounting platforms. It was challenging."

“The Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) team made the deadline in a seamless way. If they didn’t, we would not have been able to order merchandise for our stores, and our inventory and procurement would’ve stopped in its tracks. It was a mission-critical operation."

“What I really appreciated about the KES team was that they utilized our internal project management processes – we knew our methodology worked, and they were agile enough to adapt and fit with all of our touchpoints. They then tailored their training materials to our people and systems, which was a huge help. Their team is exceptional."

“The best thing about KES is the end-to-end visibility. For a retail organization such as ours, we can see when we process inventory all the way to the sale, and it’s available in real-time. Tying that together and integrating with POS is very powerful.”

Sharon Asmus
Vice President of Information Technology
Ryman Hospitality

Analytical Biological Services

ABS Experienced Process Improvement After Kraft Enterprise Systems Implemented Efficient Workflows in NetSuite

Analytical Biological Services (ABS) provides custom biological products and services to pharma and biotech for drug discovery and research. Their custom, quality-guaranteed solutions help make clients’ research faster and easier. ABS had been using NetSuite since 2007, but they were struggling with completing initiatives designed to enhance efficiency in their NetSuite software. ABS knew they needed to seek assistance from someone with a deeper, technical knowledge of NetSuite. ABS signed up for Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) Customer Care Starter Plan. KES started by conducting a NetSuite Health Check and Business Process Review for ABS to determine if their NetSuite software was optimized to operate as efficiently as possible. After reporting on their results, ABS signed up for a full KES Customer Care plan and KES/ABS together embarked on a project to ensure they were getting the most out of their NetSuite investment.

“KES has helped us in many ways to achieve efficient workflows in NetSuite that we never knew could be possible. An entire shift in process improvement has been achieved. KES has a great amount of technical knowledge of NetSuite as well as creative problem-solving abilities. We have had an excellent experience working with KES, and they always provide outstanding client service to our team.”

Cheri Miller
Vice President of Business Development and Operations
Analytical Biological Services

Studio Calico

Studio Calico/Inked saw a Dramatic Increase in Productivity and Accuracy with NetSuite

"Kraft Enterprise Systems team was very responsive, and their level of support was outstanding. Considering 80-90% of IT projects don’t come in on time or on budget, it was a very pleasant result that they did both. The transition to NetSuite was mission critical for us, and the results have been excellent — our number of oversolds is down dramatically and we have dramatically increased our efficiency."

Sterling Borders
Director of Operations
Studio Calico/Inked Brands