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Studio Calico/Inked saw a dramatic increase in productivity and accuracy with NetSuite

"Kraft Enterprise Systems team was very responsive, and their level of support was outstanding. Considering 80-90% of IT projects don’t come in on time or on budget, it was a very pleasant result that they did both. The transition to NetSuite was mission critical for us, and the results have been excellent — our number of oversolds is down dramatically and we have dramatically increased our efficiency."

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Sterling Borders
Director of Operations
Studio Calico/Inked Brands

LetterLogic reduced risk and transformed its finance organization with NetSuite

"Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) anticipated issues we might encounter and offered solutions to them, and I never had to remind them about our business – they got it. They were 100% ‘on my team’ the entire way and saved us countless hours post integration with their excellent training and straightforward solutions."

"I would recommend KES to anyone considering a similar deployment, without hesitation."

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Jennifer Anderson,
Chief Financial Officer


Bridgestone relies of Kraft Enterprise Systems as a trusted partner and advisor

"Since 2006, Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) has assisted Bridgestone Industrial Products with ERP products and services and has served as a trusted partner and advisor."

"Our business is multi-faceted and complex, and we rely on Kraft to solve our complicated problems and provide technical advice to meet our ever-changing needs."

"KES consultants consistently deliver what we need in a professional manner, and we look forward to a successful partnership for many years to come."

James Wheeler
VP of Financial and Operations
Bridgestone Industrial Products


Ryman Hospitality was on a tight deadline, and Kraft Enterprise Systems met the deadline seamlessly

“Our change to NetSuite wasn’t necessarily complex, but we were on a very short, three-month timeframe for initial implementation. Everything had to be timed correctly and cooperative with upgrades in our accounting platforms. It was challenging."

“The Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) team made the deadline in a seamless way. If they didn’t, we would not have been able to order merchandise for our stores, and our inventory and procurement would’ve stopped in its tracks. It was a mission-critical operation."

“What I really appreciated about the KES team was that they utilized our internal project management processes – we knew our methodology worked, and they were agile enough to adapt and fit with all of our touchpoints. They then tailored their training materials to our people and systems, which was a huge help. Their team is exceptional."

“The best thing about KES is the end-to-end visibility. For a retail organization such as ours, we can see when we process inventory all the way to the sale, and it’s available in real-time. Tying that together and integrating with POS is very powerful.”

Sharon Asmus
VP of Information Technology
Ryman Hospitality


Kraft Enterprise Systems spent months planning Leankit's implementation and then were on-site for training and support

“We were on different systems, FreshBooks and QuickBooks, which don’t ‘talk’ to each other. We moved to NetSuite, and it was recommended to have an outside partner implement and manage it. That’s when we found Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES)."

“Leading up to and during implementation, we had weekly update meetings because so much was changing. Our contract renewal process is complex, and we had to determine how our new billing process was going to work. There were two months of planning and training involved, during which we identified more things we wanted to perfect, and KES managed it all in stride. Even once we went live, KES has been on-site every week for follow ups and troubleshooting."

“I would highly recommend KES. I’m not sure how far we would’ve gotten without them. They are very patient and helpful — anyone thinking about NetSuite should contact them. Our next steps are to integrate Salesforce and connect the Admin app. We’re using KES for that also. This will be a long-term relationship.”

Jakki Rogers
Accounting Manager

Hunt Brothers Pizza

Dynamics GP provides increased functionality for Hunt Brothers Pizza

"Our goal in implementing a new GP system might have been a little different than others. We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, but we needed more functionality."

"Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) was a perfect partner for this. They understood what we were trying to accomplish, didn’t try to upsell us on features we didn’t need and quickly understood our business and what we truly wanted. They have more depth than anyone on Dynamics GP. Their team helped us with every situation we came across whether reporting, fixed assets, distribution or customization."

"Now we’re getting more out of the system. We got a lot of problems corrected, we have independence yet our users can’t break it anymore, and the financial reporting is much more robust. I would recommend KES (and have) to anyone."

Jeff Frye
ERP Analyst
Hunt Brothers Pizza


Meiko recognizes Kraft Enterprise Systems' knowledge and client service

"Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) has experts for any situation that might arise whether it's a business process, programming or third party interface issue."

"The KES team is very accessible. They respond to our inquires almost immediately, and we don't have to submit tickets to get help. They are a great group to work with."

Tripp Allen
IT Administrator

OEM Tube Assemblies

OEM Tube Assemblies is getting better and faster financial information with Dynamics GP

"When we started the company in 1995, we only had one customer and no way to track inventory. It was taking us too long to close out each month, and we never knew what our numbers were until much later. It seemed we were always looking over our shoulder."

"Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) came in and set clear benchmarks for the implementation, all while customizing the software for us every step of the way. We’ve dealt with other consultants who weren’t flexible, so KES was a breath of fresh air."

"Now we’re able to close financials in just five business days and analyze the previous month in order to plan for the future. Overall, Dynamics GP has made our day-to-day work simpler, and we’re able to make better business decisions that keep us looking forward. Kraft has been amazing to work with, and it’s comforting to know that they’re always just a phone call away."

Brandy Burdine
Accounting and Systems Manager
OEM Tube Assemblies

General Board of Discipleship

General Board of Discipleship praises Kraft Enterprise Systems' hands-on approach

"Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) offers a hands-on approach when it comes to streamlining processes and support. Rather than just speaking to someone remotely, we received on-site training that helped our team fully understand the capabilities of the software."

"I can’t sing their praises enough. Thanks to their assistance we’ve reduced our closing process by a week each month. If KES didn’t meet my expectations initially I would have had no problem moving on to someone else, but KES exceeded my expectations."

Michael Jett
General Board of Discipleship

Accelerated Learning Solutions

Kraft Enterprise Systems serves as an extension of Accelerated Learning Solutions team

"From the start, Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) has gone above and beyond to deliver on their promises. One of the things I appreciate most about them is that they’re always looking for new ways to solve problems, primarily true business solutions, and how to do it in a cost effective manner. Much of the time, they’re thinking about multiple issues, so we end up killing two birds with one stone."

"I’ve worked with KES for seven years and everything I’ve ever done with them goes smoothly. Whether it’s an implementation,  solving an issue or addressing a unique situation, they’ve been able to give us the resources and support we need while essentially serving as an extension of our own team."

"It doesn’t matter if your company is large or small, they deliver the same service which, to me, speaks volumes about their character."

Jessica Schimborski
Corporate Controller
Accelerated Learning Solutions