How to Track Key Metrics with NetSuite KPI Scorecards

How to Track Key Metrics with NetSuite KPI Scorecards

Dashboards and KPIs provide a real-time view of your business and are critical components of the NetSuite user experience. NetSuite KPI Scorecards provide even more opportunity for comparisons and calculations than standard KPIs and portlets.

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Uncommon James Used NetSuite to Manage Rapid Growth and the KES True Partner Approach to Bring all the Pieces Together

Uncommon James

With rapid growth comes challenges. Uncommon James grew so quickly that they outgrew their starter systems in record time. Their initial systems couldn’t handle the drastic increase in orders and inventory or the needed integrations with Amazon and other retailers. The systems provided little automation and didn’t have the capability to scale up to the level Uncommon James needed.

“As with any organization that has gone through the level of growth we’ve recently experienced, we had to do a great deal of pivoting and that ultimately led us to signing up for NetSuite.”

“When we first jumped into NetSuite, we decided to take more of an independent approach to implementation. That was not the right answer. We found out quickly we needed a partner and thank goodness we found Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES). I cannot say enough good things about KES. They really understand what the word partner means. This partnership has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made.”

Ryan Evans
Director of Finance
Uncommon James

When KES entered the picture, our experienced NetSuite consultants embarked on the Uncommon James project using our true partner approach, essentially becoming an extension of their team. We worked with Uncommon James to define the optimal end-to-end processes, developed a project plan, and then co-managed the deployment of the plan with them.

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Can Your Business Systems Scale As You Grow?

Can your ERP system scale as you grow?

As businesses grow, they need to adjust their processes to handle increased demand. Often, their business systems can’t keep up, resulting in inefficiency, customer service issues, and potentially lost revenue. A robust ERP system can grow and scale with you by 1) allowing you to add only those features you need now but also providing additional options for later and 2) allowing you to scale up to address increased bandwidth requirements.

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NetSuite Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

NetSuite Shortcuts

With a few quick clicks, you can navigate NetSuite dashboards, reports, and searches faster and more efficiently. Here are some simple NetSuite shortcuts that can help your team be more productive every day.

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How NetSuite Scales as Your Business Grows

NetSuite Grows With Your Business

If your business is rapidly growing and you’re approaching or surpassing your service parameters, you need to ensure your business applications can handle the added demand requirements for optimal performance.

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How to Drive Companywide Continuous Planning Initiatives

Financial Planning with your ERP System

Perhaps the biggest lesson to come out of 2020 for businesses was the value of constantly assessing operating conditions and adjusting plans in response to changing market realities, but how do you take that knowledge to assess and reassess plans at any time.

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The Data-Driven CFO

The Data Driven CFO - NetSuite

Businesses have experienced seismic operational shifts over the past few years. Supply chain issues, talent shortages and demand fluctuations now look increasingly like ongoing, long-term challenges. In 2019, history was a reasonable indicator of future success. That’s no longer true, so how do you reimagine your KPIs?

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8 Actions to Manage Inflation

8 Actions to manage inflation

As consumer prices and global energy costs edge ever higher, it’s become clear that this bout of inflation isn’t transitory. We’ve assembled eight steps for business leaders looking to not only weather this inflation surge, but set themselves up for success in the new normal of costs.

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My Journey to NetSuite from a SaaS Perspective

SaaS Companies

After supporting everything from QuickBooks to SAP for the first 20 years of my career, the breath of fresh air that was NetSuite and the way it addressed so many challenges I’d previously run into definitely changed my relationship with ERP systems.

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NetSuite vs QuickBooks Podcast

QuickBooks to NetSuite Podcast

NetSuite’s QuickBooks expert dives into the biggest challenges businesses face on QuickBooks and how NetSuite addresses those challenges. She discusses QuickBooks lack of reporting capabilities and business process tools, obstacles to managing multiple subsidiaries, and common fears of moving off QuickBooks.

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The Hidden Cost of QuickBooks

QuickBooks Hidden Costs

For most businesses, QuickBooks offers a functional, entry-level accounting system that can meet their early needs. But with growth comes the need for a more sophisticated accounting system and stronger financial and inventory controls.

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Benefits of a Personalized ERP Expressinar

NetSuite ERP

Many ERP systems on the market are powerful, but not flexible. They either require a complete change in the way you operate your business, or they force you to spend big bucks on customizations to fit your business processes. NetSuite offers a better way!

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KES Customer Portal for NetSuite Expressinar

The KES Customer Portal SuiteApp gives your customers the ability to self-service their account and invoice management, and frees up your A/R team from fielding requests for items that customers can access themselves.

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