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Growing at Warp Speed

Your business is really taking off and you have customer orders coming in faster than your team can handle them.  What a great problem to have, until things start falling through the cracks.  If orders aren’t entered quickly, then deliveries will be delayed.  If accounting doesn’t get invoices out, you won’t get paid.  Business growth…

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Should You Hire More People or Upgrade Your Technology?

All businesses need talented, reliable employees to perform the tasks necessary to run a successful business.  In addition, businesses have various business management technologies that are used to aid the employees with their tasks.  If you are facing a decision to hire more employees, consider whether you really need people or if it’s time to…

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From the Point of View of the Pilot and the Crew

Choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution impacts everyone in your corporation from the top down.  As the CEO or the pilot at the helm, you need access to real-time data that can be used to make swift business decision.  Your crew, on the other hand, needs the tools to collect data and share…

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