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NetSuite Supporting Products

The NetSuite ecosystem continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with a large number of software providers now having NetSuite focused solutions/add-ons. At Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES), we stay on top of the various solutions to enable us to recommend (or not recommend) solutions to expand upon your NetSuite deployment to bring even more capabilities.

KES SuiteApps for NetSuite

We can assist you in evaluating any of the following NetSuite add-ons, to determine which solutions would best fit your business needs.


Through a powerful yet approachable user experience, and by leveraging AI, Celigo allows IT and non-IT users to build custom integrations, mappings, and embedded business logic — within NetSuite — to automate and optimize any business process.



MerchantE's end-to-end payment platform offers the flexible and secure payment processing you need in NetSuite as your business grows. Unlike other payment processors, they are directly connected to the major card brands and remove the need for a middleman.

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Nexonia provides expense reporting, invoice management, time tracking, and travel solutions in a highly-configurable product that integrates with NetSuite. Their flexible workflows mirror your approval structure and can adapt as you grow.



Nolan Business Solutions’ Advanced Bank Reconciliation for NetSuite simplifies bank reconciliation for organizations, especially those with high transaction volumes, multiple bank accounts, or multiple bank currencies. Nolan ABR speeds up the reconciliation process, vastly reducing time spent and eliminating manual tasks.

NetSuite Check & A/P Automaton Add-On


Solution 7 gives Excel users the tools to effortlessly build and publish high-quality, complex, real-time NetSuite reports and financial forecasts with full drill-down and drill-back to NetSuite.

Excel Financial Reporting Add-On for NetSuite


SnapSign makes getting documents signed (or signing documents) easy, effortless, and secure — all right from within NetSuite. Now you can confidently send out documents (such as sales contracts, government forms, legal releases, and much more) without ever having to leave NetSuite.

SnapSign for NetSuite


Avalara tax management solution allows you to get automated, cloud-based solutions for transaction tax compliance across the U.S. and throughout the world — no matter your business size or industry — so you can improve compliance, reduce risk, and spend less time managing sales tax changes.

Avalara add-on for NetSuite

“When we first jumped into NetSuite, we decided to take more of an independent approach to implementation. We were managing the set-up and relationships with third party partners ourselves, which was difficult since we were new to NetSuite and didn’t know which add-ons would work best for our specific business needs. That was not the right answer.

We found out quickly we needed a partner and thank goodness we found Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES). I cannot say enough good things about KES. They really understand what the word partner means. This partnership has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made.”

Ryan Evans,
Uncommon James

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