Customer demands are always changing and now they expect the same personalized interactions across several channels.  Whether shopping online, in the stores, or through mobile devices, customers expect to see the same information, pricing, and have the same level of attention from your representatives.  Connect your key people with your customers, across all channels, with Microsoft Dynamics® AX  .            

More customers are embracing the features offered by smartphones and tablets including the ease of researching a product, service, or the company that offers them.  As a result, businesses are looking for ways to interact with customers across several platforms.  Added to that challenge is the ability to respond quickly and consistently to customers on each of these channels and harness the resulting data.  Because consistency is so critical to communicating with customers, you can’t trust disparate software or hand-crafted solutions to manage customers across these many channels.  You need to get it all together with the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

A robust, comprehensive ERP solution can provide greater control and insight over all of your core business operations including engaging with customers on the move.  Microsoft Dynamics AX can be the solid foundation that you need to deliver a seamless omni-channel experience for each of your customers.  The mobility of this solution will enable your team to communicate with customers on nearly any device, at any time, and from anywhere.  Quick response is needed in order to satisfy a new customer as well as keep existing customers happy.  You can also offer more personalized services by tapping into this mobility and communicating with customers in the same way they want to communicate with you. 

You can use Microsoft Dynamics AX to integrate social channels with ecommerce.  Connect common social sites such as Facebook or Twitter with your marketing campaigns.  You can offer consistent pricing and customer-specific pricing, wish lists, and offer loyalty programs online or on social media.  In addition, you can offer unassisted sales opportunities since many of today’s savvy customers don’t require or want communication with a sales representative. 

Customers want to engage with businesses online and in stores.  Connect with your customers on their terms by implementing the technology that can deliver consistency and mobility.  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems for more information about Microsoft Dynamics AX to learn how you can satisfy your customers that are on-the-move.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a Microsoft ERP Partner out of Tennessee