Your employees are going to take vacations, call in sick, and, occasionally, make the decision to leave your company.  No matter the situation, when they are out of the office, does the rest of the team know where to find key data to keep projects on track?  Using disparate software solutions and leaving data to be filed in an employee’s office or on their computer hard drive opens you up for risk.  If you can’t put your fingertips on important customer data, you could lose a customer and tarnish your reputation.

Many businesses require employees to submit a request for vacation in advance of the vacation.  With that knowledge and a little extra planning, we can make sure certain tasks get completed or that other employees know how to handle a project when they finally go on vacation.  Unfortunately, we don’t always have the luxury of advance warning and the extra time to make plans.  You can remove most of the challenges that arise when employees become sick or leave employment by implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, instead of using multiple specialty software programs.

Disparate software programs and spreadsheets allow employees to store data in different ways and on  different computers.  Data can be stored all around your office which makes it difficult to locate, especially when a key employee is out of the office.  An ERP solution puts all of your business data in one place, which makes it easier for you to find, analyze, and use.  Most robust ERP solutions, such as NetSuite® ERP, enable your employees to enter financial, supply chain, manufacturing, customer, and other core business data into a single business solution.  Not only is your data at your fingertips, it’s in a format that is standard and consistent.  The business intelligence and reporting features in today’s ERP solution also make it easier to create common business reports, such as profit-loss statements, inventory reports, or proposed vs. actual budget reports.  As a result, your data is easily reachable and usable when it’s in an ERP solution and not randomly stored throughout your office.

We are heading into the traditional cold and flu season and you may have a few employees call in sick.  Why worry about what they are working on or where your business data is being stored, when you can breathe easier knowing that your data is within reach in an ERP solution?  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems for more information about protecting your data in one of today’s leading ERP solutions.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a Tennessee NetSuite Solution Provider