Successful businesses set strategic goals for specific business operations.  Goals should be more specific than “be successful” or “improve sales”.  Once you have specific facts and figures down on paper, you want to associate budgets and labor resources to those goals and monitor your progress.  You can’t trust the future of your company to spreadsheets and good intentions.  Get the control and insight you need to achieve your goals by using a more powerful business technology.       

Where do you expect your business to be next year or in five years and how do you expect to get there?  By setting goals, you can steer your business in the right direction.  By creating milestones, you can follow the path to achieve those goals.  However, you need two things to make this work – the metrics to measure your progress and the insight to stay on the right path.  If you have entry-level software or rely on elaborate spreadsheets to monitor business activities, then you could be up for a challenge to say the least.  Don’t let your technology hold you back from reaching your goals, implement a solution that can keep you on track.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can provide greater control and insight into your business operations than an entry-level solution or disparate software.  Today’s robust ERP solutions are integrated – connecting financials, supply chain, manufacturing, inventory, and other core business operations.  With all of your core business data in a single solution, you can access real-time data quicker as well as use it to make improvements.  You can set a goal, such as reduce excessive inventory levels for example, then take a close look at inventory activities.  Identify fast-moving from slow-moving inventory as well as inventory that is always in stock versus those that repeatedly have stock-outs.  You can analyze historical customer needs, current orders, and pending orders, then identify potential trends in customer activities.  You may discover that you are maintaining excessively high levels of inventory that are waning in popularity or not enough of items that are gaining in popularity.  By analyzing inventory activities within an ERP solution you can create reasonable goals, then monitor the metrics closely to achieve those goals. 

Good intentions won’t drive success as well as a structured plan with the support of an ERP solution.  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC for more information about using ERP to plan your business future and achieve your strategic goals.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a Tennessee Microsoft ERP Partner