No Two Are Alike: How to Choose a Payment Processor

We are pleased to introduce our valued partner and guest blogger: MerchantE.

MerchantE is an end-to-end payment processor and allows for fast and secure payment processing within the KES Customer Portal, a powerful and cost-effective solution that is fully integrated with NetSuite and allows customers to self-pay their invoices online. 

We invite you to read this blog to learn about the unique advantages of MerchantE’s end-to-end payment processing and how their products and services make business better for NetSuite customers.  

By MerchantE 

Every day, anyone who sells anything to anybody relies on payment processors to make transactions happen. Unless you’re paying in person and in cash, you need an intermediary to take a check or ACH or card payment and get it where it needs to go so you get paid. And with more transactions moving online, B2B clients as well as consumers are used to swift and seamless payment processes.

While a number of entities are involved in every transaction, the payment processor does a lot of the heavy lifting. As is the case with all businesses, no two are exactly alike. How do you know which processor to choose?

We think there’s one answer to that question: Simply put, a payment processor should make your business better. Authorizing transactions in real-time, mitigating fraudulent transactions, depositing your funds reliably,  answering questions, and helping you to troubleshoot issues – your payment processor should be a partner through the entire payment process to deliver a seamless experience to your customers and make it easy and cost-effective for your business. They should help you grow and expand to accommodate changing payment acceptance needs. That’s what we strive for at MerchantE through our products and services and our partnerships with Kraft Enterprise Systems and NetSuite. Here’s how.

The Advantage of End-to-End Payment Processing

At first glance, the entities and actions involved in a payment transaction seem simple: the supplier or merchant sells and the customer buys. But a number of financial institutions and other service providers have a hand in making that process work, and all of them are paid fees for their roles.

They include banks that issue cards and maintain merchant accounts and the card networks or brands themselves (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, and so on). There are front-end processors that are connected to the card associations and facilitate authorization of transactions to merchants. Back-end processors receive and then forward settlement funds to banks in a scheduled time frame. Sometimes there is a middleman, the payment gateway, which securely transmits payment data for online transactions to a processor.

Then there are end-to-end processors that fulfill the entire range of front- and back-end functions, including payment gateway services. End-to-end payment processors such as MerchantE send credit card payment details to the card network and forward payment authorization and settlement funds to the appropriate bank.

MerchantE is one of only a few end-to-end payment processors in the U.S. This offers two advantages:

  1. Visibility into the entire process, which puts us in a better position to problem-solve when a seller needs support (more on that issue below).
  2. Fewer parties receive fees from every transaction, so the merchant has fewer fees to pay.

The Value of Integrated Payments – and the New KES Customer Portal

Not only is MerchantE an end-to-end payment processor, we also are fully integrated into NetSuite. That means fast and secure payment processing with minor configuration needed to enable it in NetSuite ERP or SuiteCommerce — typically, within a couple hours. And when you use the KES Customer Portal allowing customers to self-pay, the configuration is already taken care of within the portal as soon as you open your MerchantE account.

In addition, as an end-to-end processor, MerchantE allows you to automate reconciliation right within NetSuite. On a single screen, you can see all the payment card orders in a given batch, with a field that identifies whether funds for each order have been deposited in your bank account. No need to compare any external reports for the deposit with your list of orders; it’s easy to reconcile with a quick skim of the screen. With most payment processors, merchants need to go to a separate platform to determine whether a transaction was funded. Not so with MerchantE and KES.

MerchantE has been fully integrated inside NetSuite for 17 years, but there was no good option that allowed customers to self-pay. Now, thanks to the new KES Customer Portal, customers can accelerate accounts receivable by providing a convenient, easy to use payment form accessible within NetSuite.

In addition, MerchantE’s integration with NetSuite offers additional ways to administer and grow your business, including simplified expense reimbursements and on demand payment of earned wages to employees, contactors, gig workers, and vendors.

The Convenience of 24/7 U.S.-Based Customer Support

When it comes to payment processing, the support offered by your provider is critical. How payment processors handle issues and disputes and what measures they have in place for security and fraud protection differentiate them. To resolve problems and minimize the financial impact of chargebacks and fraud, responsiveness is key. A single point of contact for end-to-end payment processing and the ability to talk live with people when needed are both important considerations.

MerchantE’s customer support team is based at the company’s headquarters in Atlanta and is available around the clock to resolve issues, whether you submit a support case online or need to talk with an expert.

Speaking Each Other’s Language

MerchantE has delivered continuous innovations to NetSuite users for 17 years. KES has more than 20 years of experience with the platform. Together, that’s almost 40 years of NetSuite expertise that benefits KES customers.

Not only have both organizations learned to speak “NetSuite,” after working together, they’ve also learned to speak each other’s language. That’s an advantage that may be difficult to quantify, but nevertheless means tangible results for customers – the kind of results they can take to the bank.


To learn how your business can increase efficiency with the KES Customer Portal and MerchantE, please contact Caleb Wilson at or visit our website here to view a demonstration of the KES Customer Portal. 

About MerchantE:

MerchantE offers innovative payment solutions and services to drive digital commerce and to support the money management needs of growing businesses. MerchantE customers gain a competitive advantage with services to revolutionize the way they bring money in, move money out, and make money decisions. Click here to learn more about MerchantE for NetSuite.