Get More Out Of NetSuite with SuiteApps

Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) offers the following modules to enhance your NetSuite experience and help you better manage and grow your business. These NetSuite SuiteApps can be configured for you by KES whether you are a new or current NetSuite user. They require minimal implementation time and are easy-to-use.

BillFinity™ - Software Solutions for the Subscription Billing Revolution

BillFinity™ is an automated recurring subscription management and billing engine built on top of NetSuite.

BillFinity™ addresses the growing shift to the subscription economy. Companies today are seeing a strong demand for more products and services to be utilized and billed on a subscription basis. This shift requires businesses to adopt the tools necessary to manage large transaction volumes with recurring and pay-as-you-go pricing structures.

Below are a few of BillFinity's™ key features.

Ongoing Subscriptions

Automatically create ongoing subscriptions from sales activity and allows for easy ongoing updates/adjustments to subscriptions without requiring any other contract modifications.

Smart Logic Terms

Allows for easy definition of any number of billing terms (monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.) with smart logic to ensure correct crossing over of month-end dates, leap year, etc.

Renewal Transactions

Allows definition of the default type of renewal transaction to create at billing (sales order or direct to invoice) along with the ability to generate these transactions at any specified number of days in advance of renewal.

Credit Card Compliant

If credit card information is stored on the standard NetSuite customer record (fully PCI compliant), automatically creates payment records and apply to the invoices created as part of the renewal process.

Revenue Recognition

Allows you take full advantage of NetSuite's Advanced Revenue Recognition Management. Automatically creates revenue recognition schedules based on term but allows for easy modification.  Can also run without revenue recognition.

Subscription Metrics

Provides full MRR/ARR reporting, along with churn/new/active trending.

Usage Billing

Provides ability to do basic usage billing, with support for minimum quantity/charges and multiple roll-up options.

Low Monthly Fee

Allows you to pay a low monthly fee and avoid per transaction charges.

BillFinity™ - Customer Testimonials

“BillFinity is very easy to learn and navigate through which made it easy for me to train my team. Further, it saves us hours of frustration compared to our previous module. I would highly recommend this tool and the Kraft team for NetSuite assistance!”

-Logan Barnes, Accounting Specialist, Healthcare Bluebook

“Billfinity made it possible for us to put together a plan for recurring subscription billings, which really couldn’t be effectively solved by other consultants without a very time consuming and inefficient process being implemented.”

-Adam Johnson, Accounting Manager, MatrixCare

KES A/P Toolkit                   

KES has developed our A/P toolkit to extend the core capabilities of A/P processing in NetSuite by automating numerous functions for organizations with complex A/P requirements.

Segment Replication

Allows for automated insert/update of segments on PO/Bill line items from segments on the header, making it much faster to do initial entry or corrections for class, department, and/or location.

External Approvals

Allows for fully automated PO/Bill approval, even for individuals without access to NetSuite.

Intercompany Allocation

Allows one entity to pay bills on behalf of other entities and easily push expenses to the appropriate entities with all intercompany to/from automated created.  Ideal for organizations with centralized A/P payment processing.


Enables simple to setup and use allocation templates using a combination of segments and percentages.  Support not only across A/P transactions, but journal entries as well.

Payment Hold Toggle

Extends standard bill Payment Hold functionality by allowing managing of Payment Holds via saved search inline editing.  Ideal for controller management of bills to be paid.

KES A/R Toolkit                  

The A/R Toolkit product is designed to help Accounts Receivable departments extend upon standard NetSuite functionality and make their processes faster and more streamlined with a reduction in data entry errors.  The A/R Toolkit has the following features:

Segment Replication

Allows for automated insert/update of segments on line items from segments on the header, making it much faster to do initial entry or corrections for class, department, and/or location.  This feature is available on the following transaction types:  sales order, invoice, credit memo, cash sale, estimate/quote,  and return authorization.

External Approvals

Allows Sales Order, Invoice, and Credit Memo approval for employees that do not have access to NetSuite.  This can also be used for employees that have access to NetSuite, but would prefer emails for approval.

EZ Contract Pricing

Provides a powerful yet easy way to setup contract pricing for customers. Multiple contracts can co-exist with configurable rules determining which pricing should be used.  Allows for reporting on which contracts have been used for transactions.

Multi-Invoice Email

Allows for easy selection and sending of multiple invoices to a customer or contact in a single email.


Sales Form Assignment by Customer

Allows for assignment of specific sales transaction forms by customer to better meet the needs of unique customers.


Dunning Automation

Provides a powerful yet easy to configure and manage collections process.  Automation and flexibility has been built in for multiple email templates and timing of collections emails, as well as additional fields and reporting for collections management.