NetSuite Tips & Tricks (2016Q1)

By Christy Pack, Kraft Enterprise Systems

Setting Up Daily Fact Alerts

NetSuite users rely on customized dashboards to provide them with the latest reminders and events to stay up-to-date with their evolving business. However, if the facts and numbers are outdated, they could have negative consequences when making important business decisions. Unfortunately, for busy professionals, it is not always possible to log in and check their dashboard on a regular basis.

With NetSuite’s ‘Daily Facts’ email alerts, users can still get a useful overview of their most important dashboard information – either on-demand or at regularly scheduled intervals.

To request an on-demand email alert, follow these quick and simple steps:

  • First, the user must enable this preference by navigating to the ‘Set Preferences’ page, which can be found on the dashboard, in the ‘Settings’ portlet:

NetSuite Blog Image #1

  • From the ‘Alerts’ tab the user can input up to three different times per day that the alert email will be sent. If the user would like to use the On-Demand feature (manually sending an email to ) to receive an automatic reply), the ‘Send An On-Demand Alert From This Role’ check box should be checked.

NetSuite Blog Image #2

  • Once the settings are turned on, the NetSuite user will get emails at the designated time intervals and can also send a blank email to (an email subject is not required) at any time and receive an immediate response email with any upcoming events and important reminders.

NetSuite Blog Image #3

Even when away from their NetSuite dashboard, users can easily receive these daily alerts and always have the most update information!