By Glenn Hofmann, NetSuite Practice Director

As a true cloud solution, twice a year, NetSuite pushes out a new release to all 40,000 of their customers. This not only means all 40,000 customers are running on the same version of NetSuite, but it also means that these customers all receive the new features and capabilities as soon as it’s released.

NetSuite is in the process of rolling out their first release for 2019 (cleverly named 2019.1). There is a long list of minor enhancements, but a few notable enhancements as well. These include:

  • The ability to easily define multi-element series charting on dashboards. In the past, only a single series, for example “revenue” could be included in any given chart. Now several series can be included in the same chart, so it is possible to now include “revenue,” “expense,” and “net income” all in the same chart. This allows for much more comprehensive and visually appealing dashboards.
  • At long last, NetSuite has now officially rolled out its advanced workbook for reporting. This now allows multi-level joins across the NetSuite data base, as well as the ability to do advanced pivot tables. So while in the past multiple data sets may have been extracted from NetSuite and pulled together within Excel, this can now be done dynamically directly inside of NetSuite.

These are just two examples of the types of new capabilities NetSuite continues to add and make available to all of its customers.

To learn more about NetSuite or the other features added in the new 2019.1 release, please reach out to Autumn Harris, Kraft Client Account Manager, at .