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Business Process Automation | NetSuite Solution Provider

10 Best Practices to Automate Business Processes

Business process automation (BPA) can deliver many benefits, including increased efficiency, enhanced productivity, fewer errors and improved process consistency. But not every process is an ideal candidate for automation and not every BPA effort goes smoothly.

KES Customer Portal: Providing Customer Account Access Day Or Night

The KES Customer Portal for NetSuite gives your customers the ability to self-service their account and invoice management, and frees up your A/R team from fielding requests for items that customers can access themselves.

Accounting Team Efficiency | NetSuite

7 Tips to Improve Your Accounting Team Efficiency

Working with many clients over the years, we have consistently seen several common areas where leveraging tools brought considerable improvements in efficiencies. Learn our top six efficiency improvement areas for your accounting team.

What's New With NetSuite 2023.1 Release

What’s New with NetSuite 2023.1

As the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software for growing and changing businesses, NetSuite is constantly enhancing their product, issuing semi-annual releases with important updates and new features.

ERP Toolkit Webinar

Expand Your NetSuite Data Toolkit

As NetSuite administrators, it’s important to have access to pertinent company data at your fingertips, so we developed the KES ERP Toolkit, which brings a large variety of enhanced data display and management tools to both you and your users.

Customer Portal for NetSuite

4 Benefits of a Self-Service Customer Portal

While efficiency and improved customer satisfaction may have been on a “wish list” in the past, these factors are now crucial for businesses to survive and stay competitive in the new marketplace where customers have higher expectations and are demanding more from their business partnerships.

SaaS Companies

My Journey to NetSuite from a SaaS Perspective

After supporting everything from QuickBooks to SAP for the first 20 years of my career, the breath of fresh air that was NetSuite and the way it addressed so many challenges I’d previously run into definitely changed my relationship with ERP systems.

Recurring Billing SaaS Companies

Introducing End-To-End A/R Automation

If you’re a SaaS (or similar) company, NetSuite overall can be a great solution; however, core NetSuite is missing some of the key features companies like yours need for a scalable A/R process — features like subscription management with recurring billing, full A/R automation, and customer self-service.

Focus on NetSuite and KES NetSuite Add-Ons

Kraft Enterprise Systems Narrows Focus to NetSuite Product Line

Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES), a premier provider of ERP solutions, is now focusing exclusively on its proven NetSuite practice and developing KES NetSuite Extensions.