At KES Systems Solutions (KES), our goal is to build strong, long-term relationships with clients. We commit to listening to your business challenges and partnering with you to create comprehensive ERP solutions to help you achieve your business goals and maximize growth and profitability.

As full-service NetSuite consultants, we help you implement and optimize NetSuite and supporting products to take full advantage of their capabilities.

Years Providing ERP Solutions
Years as NetSuite Consultants
NetSuite Clients in 27 States
Deployments Since 1996

The KES Difference

NetSuite Focused

We are 100% committed to NetSuite because we believe it’s the most robust mid-market ERP system on the market — having 36,000 customers in 217 countries and territories. We stay plugged into the NetSuite roadmap to understand what's down the road, so we can share the information with you and help you incorporate new functionality.

Full-Service Consultants

We offer a complete suite of services to cover all your ERP-related needs — from selecting the correct NetSuite modules and third-party solutions, to guiding you through deployment, and finally providing ongoing support. We also handle your NetSuite account management needs, including upgrades, add-ons, and renewals.

True Partner Approach

Comprehensive Solutions

We partner with you to create comprehensive solutions, helping you increase business efficiencies now and as you continue to grow.

When implementing and optimizing NetSuite, we apply the KES True Partner Approach. We become an extension of your team, helping you define optimal end-to-end processes, developing a comprehensive project plan, and managing the deployment (incorporating NetSuite, KES NetSuite Extensions, and third-party products to ensure alignment with all parties).

Long-Term Relationships

After deployment, we continue to support you by building a long-term relationship through Customer Care Plans — so you always have a resource to rely on.

Solutions for Today. Partners for Life.

Our NetSuite Team

The KES team has extensive ERP and NetSuite experience and backgrounds in accounting, technology, and business management.

We are selective when hiring team members to ensure they are passionate about their clients and want to partner with them for the long haul. When we assign a consultant to a customer, that consultant takes the time to learn about the customer's unique business situation and remains the primary contact to ensure quick and efficient solutions in the future.

Our core values differentiate us and are the driving force behind our mission. These values are the foundation of all our relationships, from clients to employees.

“KES really understands what the word partner means. It’s been a fantastic experience working with each and every one of their team members. Our partnership with KES was one of the best business decisions we’ve made.”

Ryan Evan
Uncommon James

“It’s the best implementation I’ve ever had, with any vendor. It’s been a true team effort, and we owe so much to KES for improving our efficiency and making us self sufficient.”

Jennifer Sciborski


At KES, we won't disappear once you go live with NetSuite. We live by our motto, "Partners for Life." We want to help you get the most out of your NetSuite investment and ensure it's optimized to meet your needs now and as your business continues to evolve and grow. We have three areas to help you increase efficiencies and extend your NetSuite functionality.

NetSuite, Add-Ons & Apps, Supporting Products, Customer Care Plans

NetSuite Extensions

We've developed powerful apps designed to further extend your NetSuite functionality. These apps, which run directly within your NetSuite instance, help you increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and provide better service to internal and external customers. Learn More

Supporting Products

The NetSuite ecosystem continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with many software providers now having NetSuite-focused solutions/add-ons. We have partnered with the leading third-party solutions, so we can provide the best recommendations for your business needs. Learn More

Customer Care Plans

We believe you deserve the full-value that NetSuite has to offer. We also know that your business continues to evolve. To address both, we’ve designed our Customer Care Plan options to ensure that your NetSuite software and related processes are optimized to operate effectively and efficiently. Learn More