As Microsoft discontinues support for Dynamics GP, it's time to consider your next steps for an ERP solution. In today's ever-changing business environment, it's crucial to be able to scale quickly, understand your customers comprehensively, provide remote team access, and have real-time insights into your organization for informed decision-making.

If you're in search of a new ERP solution, NetSuite is the way to go. It's a true cloud solution that gives you a 360-degree view of your business. With 36,000 customers, it's an excellent choice for mid-market companies looking to grow. And, as full-service NetSuite consultants, we can help you implement and optimize NetSuite to take full advantage of its capabilities.

Why NetSuite?

True Cloud Solution

Stuck with on-site solutions that require networked computers or third-party connections? NetSuite is a true-cloud solution meaning your team will have access anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Real-Time Data

Tired of waiting until month-end to get reports from your various systems/companies? With NetSuite, you will have access to real-time data from different departments, product lines, and/or subsidiaries, And, you can easily see how all your data is connected.

Easy Personalizations

Tired of waiting for developers to make minor customizations? NetSuite is designed to be easily personalized to meet your company's unique business needs now and as you continue to evolve and grow.


Frustrated because you've outgrown your software? NetSuite scales with your business. Only buy what you need now, knowing you have the ability to add features, bandwidth, customization, and/or capabilities  — if or when you need them.

No Version Lock

Stuck on outdated software? Because NetSuite's personalizations don't impact core code, your customizations stay intact during NetSuite's semi-annual updates, so you're always on the most updated version.

Here to Stay

Worried about losing product support again with your next ERP? NetSuite is here to stay. It's recognized by major analysts as an ERP leader and continues to gain market share each year. Oracle invests heavily in NetSuite development with one million R&D hours.

Why KES Systems Solutions?

Solutions for Today

As full-service NetSuite consultants, we help companies implement and optimize NetSuite, so you get the most out of your investment.

When embarking on a NetSuite implementation project, our experienced consultants execute the KES True Partner Approach. We focus on end-to-end process optimization and manage your entire engagement as an extension of your team, ensuring alignment with all parties and successful integration of add-on products, such as KES NetSuite Extensions and third-party solutions that extend your NetSuite functionality.

Partners for Life

After deployment, we continue to support you by building a long-term relationship — so you always have a resource to rely on. We created Customer Care Plans to ensure your NetSuite software and related processes are optimized to operate efficiently now and in the future.

Full-Service, Experienced Team

Our team has extensive ERP and NetSuite experience and backgrounds in accounting, technology, and business management. We have conducted over 450 system implementations since 1996.

Oracle NetSuite ERP | SuiteCloud Developer Network

“From day one KES has been our partner in every sense of the word. They are very knowledgeable about NetSuite, and they always provide solutions to my problems. I love working with KES.”

Crystal Robinson,
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Solutions for Today.
Partners for Life.

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