What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based platform that combines the most efficient tools for today’s businesses. 365 makes data easily accessible and shareable by combining top apps like Microsoft Excel and Outlook with One Drive and Microsoft Teams. Gain access to the worldwide standard for desktop apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. 

The Kraft Enterprise Systems team can help you determine whether the Small Business Edition or Enterprise Edition is the best fit for your business and overarching goals.

Office 265

Why Office 365?

Team Coordination

Team members will be able to work anywhere from any device. It’s easy and simple to create new projects, share files, assign tasks and more.

Secure Data

High-class security protection allows you to control access to information & data and guard against potential threats.

Grow Your Business

Easily access and track customer data in one location, automate tasks and establish workflow processes.

Increase Efficiency 

Perfect your work via intelligent editing tools, stay organized and integrate apps.


What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft’s Azure is a growing set of cloud computing platforms designed to assist your business in combating challenges and meeting goals. Azure has more cloud certifications than any other cloud provider, which correlates to top-notch security and privacy for your organization. Because it is a cloud computing platform, Azure tends to be less expensive, more reliable and more flexible than on-site servers.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Artificial Intelligence

Azure’s modern AI services allow you to easily deploy machine learning capabilities and gather insights from your data. 

Tailored Services

Industry-specific solutions, products, services and third-party applications help you meet your unique business challenges. 

Go Global

Azure’s global network allows businesses to effectively expand reach and impact. 

Increase Productivity

Networks stay up-to-date with the latest hardware, making your programs fast & efficient.