Is NetSuite Living up to Your Expectations?

NetSuite is a robust, leading ERP system for middle-market companies. It has many features to increase capabilities, streamline processes, and provide comprehensive and real-time insights into company performance. However, like many powerful platforms, it can be overwhelming to determine how best to use the software in your organization to take advantage of these features.

Executive Concerns

We often hear that executives don't feel like they are getting the return on investment they expected from NetSuite and are concerned that:

  • NetSuite is just QuickBooks with multi-subsidiary capabilities.
  • They are not seeing many of the features that were shown to them during the demo.
  • They are still performing too many manual processes both inside and outside of NetSuite.
  • Month end is still taking too long.

Company Changes

Or conversely, many organizations are using NetSuite well, but have upcoming changes that make them nervous about how this will impact their NetSuite environment or setup. These changes can include activities like launching a new product line, acquiring a company, or opening a new warehouse.

Optimization Opportunities

If any of the above resonates with you, the answer may be as simple as ensuring that NetSuite has been optimized for your organization and that your internal processes have been optimized for NetSuite.

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