Brian Duffy | NetSuite Developer | Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Brian Duffy
Senior NetSuite Developer

Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Brian Duffy

Brian is a senior NetSuite developer for Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES). Prior to joining KES, he grew his ERP system and NetSuite knowledge working in the children's book industy. Brian also worked for a number of companies as a systems administrator and took a keen interest in writing korn shell and powershell scripts to automate tasks on servers and workstations. He has been able to leverage those skills into writing SuiteScripts to customize NetSuite environments and automate repetitive tasks for clients. For instance, he devloped three Shopify to NetSuite Celigo IA instances and configured complex flows between Salesforce and NetSuite for KES clients.

Brian is passionate about helping his clients and will never give up until he finds the best solution to meet their needs.

Outside of work, Brian enjoys spending time with friends, playing chess and reading.

  • NetSuite Certified SuiteFoundations
  • NetSuite Certified SuiteCloud Developer II
  • Celigo Level 4 Certification