Many years ago, workers used to look for a job to settle into and stay there until retirement.  You could rely on those workers to come to work and complete their responsibilities each and every day.  There has been an interesting shift in that attitude and today’s work force doesn’t share that old idea of longevity.  As workers pursue other opportunities, they take their knowledge and leave an office full of files and information for you to decipher.  Workers will come and go, but you can protect your data from being lost.

You may be surprised by the file cabinet and a computer hard drive full of haphazardly filed documents in a recently vacated office.  Wading through volumes of documents could take days, which puts customer projects or orders on hold, and does not fare well for customer satisfaction.  If the idea of misfiled or missing business data keeps you awake at night, then it may be time to rethink how you store important business data.

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can put your data in a single repository.  Today’s comprehensive solutions, including NetSuite® ERP, can store financial, supply chain, manufacturing, customer, and other core business data  all in one place. 

With NetSuite, each of your employees can use a dashboard that features the data along with functions that are important for their specific job tasks.  They can easily enter data into the solution, then generate documents or reports from the solution.  The data is always there for the rest of your team to view and use for their job tasks too.  In addition, the reporting features in many ERP solutions make it easier to generate common business reports or you can customize your own special reports.  As a result, you don’t need to worry about the paper files in the vacated office.  You can always generate a new report with the data that is safely stored in the ERP solution.

Employees will come and go…it happens.  With an integrated ERP solution, you can rest assured that data is safe and sound in your business management solution and not misplaced in an office, buried in an impossible paper trail.  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems for more information about protecting your data in an ERP solution when an employee chooses to look for the “greener grass”.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a NetSuite Solution Provider out of Tennessee