Extend Your NetSuite Functionality

What Are KES SuiteApps?

Our experienced team has developed a number of powerful apps designed to further extend your NetSuite functionality. These are not separate apps, but SuiteApp bundles that run directly within your NetSuite instance. These apps help our customers increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and provide better service to both internal and external customers. Our SuiteApps are designed to be deployed via point & click configuration (either by you or by KES consultants), so that you can start leveraging their capabilities very quickly. Do more with NetSuite with our KES SuiteApps.

Do more with NetSuite with our KES SuiteApps

Bring powerful automation tools to your A/P department and related A/P processes. This is especially useful for organizations looking for enhanced approvals, interco bill processing, or tools to expedite bill entry.

Improve upon NetSuite core A/R with enhanced invoice email capabilities, automated collections, transaction approvals, and consolidated invoicing to streamline your A/R operations.

Automated, flexible, and easy to use recurring billing management, including automated uplift, billing start/end dates, and usage billing. It can manage small or large transaction volumes, so you can scale your business.

Bring online self service capabilities to your customers, including the ability to view/print/pay invoices, manage payment methods, update account information, manage support cases, and even place orders.

Our free toolkit brings enhanced data management and presentation tools for all. Our premium (paid) version goes even further, bringing features like dashboard charting, external REST end points, and customer survey tools.

A powerful, flexible, easy-to-use, and affordable asset management solution for NetSuite. Easily manage your assets inside of NetSuite without the headaches of an overly complex solution.

Bring online self service capabilities to your vendors, include the ability to view and print issues with purchase orders, view if their bills are entered in your system, and update tax and bank details, all without bothering your A/P department.


“We’ve been very pleased with KES responsiveness. They always address our needs quickly and help us prioritize what is most important. They are great about listening to customer feedback and adding enhancements.”

Jennifer Sciborski, Waystar