human-resources-management-software | Photo Courtesy of	 pennstatelive Resource Management software is in growing demand, and Microsoft is in a unique position to etch out a corner of the burgeoning market. It’s becoming more and more important in the United States as it becomes more of a service-based economy.

Since HRM encompasses application processes, certifications, setting and measuring goals, professional development, payroll and a myriad of other aspects of human capital, it is vital to service-based organizations.

Talent management is becoming a major focus for professional services organizations and the industry is becoming a hotbed of activity.

According to Enterprise Irregulars, Microsoft isn’t known for its HRM software, as its ERP systems have more acclaim and attention. But Microsoft is in a prime position to upend the current HRM software market and gain a strong foothold should it choose to introduce an HRM solution.

Microsoft’s Dynamics comes with a loyal user base who may consider testing HRM services as well, and the company’s deep relationships with its global partners could propel it out in front in the market. Microsoft hasn’t made any moves into the market yet, but it is has significant potential in the market.

Source: Enterprise Irregulars, May 2012