does-big-data-overwhelm-business |	Flickr	Photo Courtesy of	Victor1558 are collecting more and more data, but turning that data into valuable information is the key. Do businesses have a purpose for their data? Unfortunately, many businesses are collecting huge amounts of information without fully understanding why.

To gain control over this ever-growing data collection, companies need to do two things:

  1. For starters, you must identify the goal behind collecting all data. Ask yourself what the strategic value of this data is, what types of measures are in place to get good data, and what you are trying to do with the data. A recent column on PC Mag notes that, in situations where there are absolutely enormous troves of data, special measures should be taken, but in most cases, companies don’t need extremely heavy-duty data management. Data warehouse systems can be relatively small as long as they are capable of dealing with complex transactions coming from a variety of sources such as websites and social media networks.
  2. Once you identify the data you must collect, find a technology solution to support that goal. Align yourself with good technology to support the collection and reporting of that data.

According to PC Mag, “big data” is a hot topic, and huge changes are taking place in how data is being collected and analyzed. Instead of just focusing on the volume of the data, companies are taking its variety and complexity into account and using several different solutions to manage it.

Source:, May 2012