What would you do if one of your talented employees should win the lottery and leave their job? Well, the odds of an employee winning the lottery may be slim, but the reality is that when any employee leaves the office, they often take what we like to call “travel knowledge”. They may have elaborate spreadsheets or piles of file folders containing the mysteries of their job responsibilities. And without standardization and consistency, you may have a difficult time finding the data you need to continue running your business without that employee.

Anytime an employee leaves your business, you may feel the pain of trying to decipher their filing system as well as the documents saved to their office computer. Figuring out what they were working on, how data is organized, and what you need to do in order to keep projects rolling and customers happy can be a real nightmare due to the use of disparate systems and disjointed logic from your own. Instead, protect your data, and ensure a smoother transition, with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. A fully-integrated ERP solution can be a business’s best friend, especially during employee turnover Powerful business management solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics® AX, are easy to learn, easy to use, and can manage the data for your entire enterprise. Financials, manufacturing, supply chain and inventory, order and billing, ecommerce, and many more core business operations can be managed through Microsoft Dynamics AX and other popular ERP solutions.

Having your team use an ERP solution, instead of their own software programs, puts all of your data at your fingertips. You won’t need to search through file cabinets or have employees email you with status updates. You can view any part of your business data through a customized dashboard on your own computer when using Microsoft Dynamics AX. You can also use built-in or customized reports in order to get different views of your data and share it with managers, shareholders, and others. You can improve productivity, profitability, and position your business for growth by using the business intelligence features in your ERP solution

You may not experience high employee turnover, but how prepared are you when an employee does leave? If you are tired of picking up the pieces and trying to figure out what ex-employees left in their office, then contact Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC. The specialists at Kraft can provide guidance with implementing the ERP solution you need to protect your data should an employee win the lottery.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a Microsoft ERP Partner out of Tennessee