How Can You Improve Your Change Management?

improving-change-management | Photo Courtesy of	 thetaxhaven management is a complex process that takes time, cooperation and patience, but is well worth the effort.

A recent article says the pathway to change requires taking the time to identify areas of improvement.

There are other hurdles to change beyond those stated in the article. Part of the problem with change is that goals and strategy don’t jibe. Often, organizations have competing factions for certain goals and strategies and how things should be done. This creates silos of information and makes managing and accepting change particularly difficult. To avoid this, the key is to make sure everyone is clear on the company’s vision.

It’s also very important to obtain executive buy-in to change. Overall, most people are willing to work with people to accept change if it’s expected of them. This acceptance of change can become ingrained in the daily lives of employees if executives push continuous process improvement. This way, employees are evaluating and getting better with business processes while also driving more business value. It becomes a part of their routines.

The trick to understanding the trade-off between value and cost is to be relentless in execution of change. The article notes that balance is important; don’t sacrifice customer satisfaction and cost to improve; get both. It’s like the cola commercial that says you don’t have to compromise between flavor and calories, get both. You need both lower cost and happier customers, and that’s possible to achieve.

Source:, October 2012