How Can You Create A Stress-Free ERP Upgrade?

stress-free-ERP-upgrade | Photo Courtesy of	 ifranz an ERP system should provide stress-relieving benefits, but some find the process has the opposite effect.

ERP upgrades are inevitable as business and technology needs evolve, according to a Panorama Consulting Solutions article. The way you did business 10 years ago won’t be the same as today.

But to make such an upgrade successful, companies must make sure that their data is clean. The data must be accurate before being moved into a new production environment. There are tools to help automate this process.

This is a key point that the Panorama Consulting Solutions article makes. If you don’t have clean data, it won’t matter if you get a new system or not. If you’re going to upload the same flawed data, upgrading your systems won’t provide any better analysis.

Companies would be better served by taking the time to filter their data before importing it into their new ERP system.

The article also includes two other tips:

  1. When it is time to upgrade, the key is to keep engaging users in the process. This requires lots of training. Don’t be afraid to enlist some of your users in the testing process. This helps you create a better system and promotes buy-in.
  2. Instead of customizing your new system, consider using a tool that allows you to create custom reports. This saves both time and money, as no developer is needed.

Source: Panorama Consulting Solutions, September 2012