Have Your Important Business Data in Your Pocket

Many of us wouldn’t leave the house without our favorite suit or lucky tie the morning we meet with our biggest customer or to discuss business with the shareholders. Although that hasn’t changed much, there is another thing you never want to leave home without for those important meetings. Having your most valued business data in your pocket on your Smartphone or tablet has become a necessity in today’s business world.

Yes, mobility has been a hot item for small to large companies and it’s really changed the way we do business. In fact, according to an infographic on Vertic, the number of mobile units that enterprises purchase will rise from 13.6 million to 96.3 million in just 5 years!

So why all the buzz? Mobile devices put the information we need, literally, at our fingertips. The exciting thing about this is the gap that separated small businesses from large corporate enterprises has disappeared. The capabilities that technology gives to all companies alike make it easier and faster to serve and communicate with clients, customers, partners, and vendors. So if you haven’t jumped on the ‘mobile bandwagon’, it may be time to cave.

Let’s take a look at your sales field reps for example: If they had a mobile device to take on the road, they can easily check for customer status updates, inventory levels, or even product offers 2 minutes before walking into a client meeting. Having this information available puts your clients at ease knowing they’re in good hands, ultimately improving customer loyalty, not to mention optimizing on up sale opportunities.

There has also been a surge of enterprise-level applications created for mobile devices, making it even easier for employees to access the information they need. Cloud enabled software, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP or NetSuite also extend the reach of information in real-time.

If the mobile world frightens you or you think you’re not leveraging it to the most of its ability, contact us at Kraft Enterprise Systems to chat about the available mobile options for enterprises out there today.