(April 2020) Locked away in laundry rooms, home offices, bedrooms, basements, porches, parked cars, and wherever quiet can be found – former office workers and business leaders alike are adjusting to a socially isolated world, thanks to the 2020 pandemic lock down. The phrase “It’s lonely at the top” has been especially relevant during recent weeks.  Not only are business leaders forced to make unprecedented and possibly painful decisions about the future of their companies, they are unable to meet in person with trusted colleagues and advisers to navigate the uncertain future.  However, thanks to technology, there are two key tools that are readily available for business leaders.

  • Access To Our Guides Our trusted colleagues and advisers are now just a screen touch (or phone call) away.  As the lockdown began, the first key contacts for most leaders were likely their accountants and bankers.  They have certainly been on the front lines of the economic crisis and proven to be essential for those of us re-calibrating our businesses.  Thanks to Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and mobile phones, remote quick access to these advisers has never been easier. As business leaders work with their accountants and bankers to stabilize, ERP technology consultants can also be useful guides to gain quicker visibility and tighter control over their data. Inefficiencies that were easy to overlook in the past should now be receiving a closer look.  By utilizing our team of NetSuite consultants, we have been able to quickly improve cash flow and eliminate inefficiencies that were previously tolerated by focusing on internal process redesign and task automation
  • Strategic Information Thanks to the internet, many companies – from billion-dollar software companies to smaller business coaching firms – are putting together excellent content to help other companies navigate these troubled waters.  Whitepapers, blog posts, and webinars are everywhere, at no cost, with relevant and timely guidance. 

As a NetSuite Solution Provider, we wanted to share the following whitepaper that we found valuable and fitting.  The paper, put out by Oracle NetSuite, covers guidance for business leaders with guidance in many areas.

  1. Visibility
  2. Control
  3. Performance
  4. People
  5. Agility

In addition, there are two bonus sections, with great content related to the pandemic:

  1. Pandemic Scenario Planning
  2. Government Pandemic Response Resources

We encourage you to dive into this whitepaper – and we hope you find this content valuable.  

Wishing you and yours health and calm during these trying times.

White Paper Link: Business Uncertainty – A Leader’s Guide