Growing at Warp Speed

Your business is really taking off and you have customer orders coming in faster than your team can handle them.  What a great problem to have, until things start falling through the cracks.  If orders aren’t entered quickly, then deliveries will be delayed.  If accounting doesn’t get invoices out, you won’t get paid.  Business growth can happen faster than you can manage it which is why businesses turn to enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for support.

It is not unusual for start-ups businesses to choose basic accounting software to manage the books.  Finances are the most important part of your business success, but soon enough there are other important operations that become more difficult to manage as your grow.  Your sales team have more prospects and customers to meet and before they know it, they can forget who received which brochure or, worse yet, which cost estimates.  Procurement can get just as burdened by the rash of incoming orders and keeping tabs on inventory counts becomes a losing battle.  Instead of using fancy spreadsheets to keep track of important information, get your data and your team on the same page with an ERP solution.

NetSuite ( is a comprehensive ERP solution that offers the ability to manage all of the important parts of your business in a single, integrated solution.  Manage financials, inventory, manufacturing operations, project management, human resources, and other operations from a solution that works the way your business works.  Robust ERP solutions, like NetSuite, include workflows which is a way to automate many of your common daily tasks.  For example, you can create a workflow to streamline new business accounts.  A sales person can start a quote, the quote can be routed to a manager to approval, sent to the prospect, then introduced as a new account once the proposal is approved by the customer.  This automation saves time from constant emails and update meetings and makes sure that a task gets completed the same way, each and every time.  Workflow and other automations offered by ERP solutions can improve productivity and protect your most valuable data.

If your business is growing at warp speed and managing data is a challenge, than you may be ready for an ERP solution.  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC for information about the ERP solution that can help you manage your operations today and support your growth well into the future.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a NetSuite Solution Provider out of Tennessee