Larger businesses often encounter similar challenges as their smaller competitors, only on a bigger scale.  Which is why implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can be more daunting for an enterprise business than for a small startup.  However, getting into the right ERP solution is better than stumbling through legacy or disparate solutions, especially for a global enterprise.

It happens. Businesses grow out of their business management solutions or change so much that their business solutions no longer match business needs.  You may be able to manage extraneous data in spreadsheets or piecemeal data from one specialty solution to another, but only for a limited time.  As your business grows, so does the amount of data that is created.  In addition, more people become responsible for business data and use creative workarounds to manage that data.  As a result, data is located in all sorts of nooks and crannies in your business and managers have a problem getting their hands on it in a timely manner. 

Business interruption is a common concern for any business undertaking a system upgrade. However, muddling through with the wrong solution is wasting more time than what you might incur when implementing a more appropriate ERP solution.  Which is why Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, didn’t waste any more time than they had to with a legacy solution that wasn’t meeting their needs.  With a headquarters in the United States, a new manufacturing facility in China, and 10 international subsidiaries located around the globe, Shaw made a big change when integrating NetSuite® ERP with their legacy system.  According to the October 2013 press release, NetSuite addressed Shaw’s need for a solution with greater lot control, inventory management, and cost control throughout the manufacturing process.  NetSuite provided a rapid deployment, easily repeatable for each location, and offered time-saving support in multiple languages and currencies.  Shaw recognized that the benefit of implementing NetSuite outweighed the risks of sticking with their old systems. 

Over time, your business is sure to expand and your product lines will grow along with the number of customers that you service.  There may be a time when your business solution can’t keep up with your business needs.  Instead of wasting time with the wrong business solution, implement the right one.  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems for more information about how the right ERP can save time, improve productivity, and give you the control and insight needed to further grow your business.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a Tennessee NetSuite Solution Provider