Give Customers More Choices

Your customers like to have choices, such as what they order from the line of products or services that you offer or whether they place their order with a sales representative or order form.  Now you can offer yet another option that your customers can choose from – the use of a self-service portal.    

Your customer service teams and help desks are busy responding to customer questions or inquiries.  So, it is probably safe to say that during the traditionally busier times, such as the upcoming seasonal shopping season, your customers may be on hold longer than you would prefer or will have to wait a little longer to get answers to their questions or other needs.  You can alleviate some of the burden to your call centers, while alleviating the frustration of your customers, by opening up a customer portal within your NetSuite® business management solution

Many of today’s customers are pretty computer-savvy and may not always work during standard work hours, especially if you have customers in different regions or across the globe.  A customer portal would present another option for your customer, making things easier on them and your customer-service teams.  A NetSuite customer portal will allow customers to find answers quickly, place timely orders, or request immediate support.  Your customers can also look up the status of their orders, track en-route shipments, and prepare their own return authorizations, if needed.  A customer portal can save time for your in-house customer service team, so they can spend more time with other customer service measures.  In addition, you can make it easier for customers to get the information they need, at their convenience, without having to place a phone call, sit on hold, or wait for a response.  Saving time for your customers makes them happy and improves customer satisfaction, which can lead to long-term loyalty.

A NetSuite customer portal is another way that customers can contact your business, get information, place orders, or follow up on orders.  Offering these types of choices can help you reach more customers, provide a higher level of customer assistance, and can generate customer retention.  Contact Kraft for more information about offering your customers more choices with the NetSuite customer portal.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a NetSuite Solution Provider out of Tennessee