For service industries such as professional service consultants, software providers, and those involved with healthcare, labor productivity has the biggest impact on profit margins.  You need to dedicate the right people to the right job or task and minimize as much of the common manual processes as you can.  Get the upper hand on labor productivity by introducing automation and project control through today’s business technology. 

Professional service businesses, businesses that rely on their people more than a product, are likely to have more than their share of manual processes.  However, many of these manual procedures may be a direct result of weak business technology.  Using disparate specialty software to manage your business operations often creates time-consuming delays that can adversely impact your utilization rate.  Give your labor productivity a boost by implementing a more powerful technology such as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

Today’s ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics® AX, can improve productivity by streamlining operations and replacing manual processes with automation.  A comprehensive ERP solution integrates core business functions – including finances, project and services management, human resources and payroll into a single software solution.  This integration facilitates faster and more accurate data-entry and data-sharing.  Your accounting team can enter customer data once, for example, and share it with a project manager who can then monitor project milestones, budgets, and other project data.  Your entire team saves time from having to repeatedly enter data and data integrity is protected from costly errors.

A robust solution such as Microsoft Dynamics AX also offers workflows that can streamline common tasks as well as improve consistency of those tasks.  You can use notifications to alert project managers when a budget is near exhaustion or a milestone is completed.  Project managers can spend less time counting work-hours or project expenses and more time seeing their projects to completion.  Your accounting team can also use proposal and contract data to generate invoices for work completed.  Instead of using inter-office mail to submit draft invoices for approval, project managers can be alerted when an invoice is completed, provide electronic changes or approvals, and the invoice can be sent to customers.

Technology can have a significant impact on labor productivity.  Eliminate common manual processes and replace them with automation by using a more powerful business management solution.  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC for more information about using ERP to get the upper hand on labor productivity.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a Microsoft ERP Partner out of Tennessee