100% ROI Achieved With KES and Enterprise Document Management

Document Imaging vs. Document Management

If you have been in the business world in the last 10 years, you have likely had the ‘Paperless’ conversation at some point within your organization.  The most common first step toward going paperless is to start turning paper into electronic images.  You have the tools you need already, right?

  • Scanner… Check!
  • Network share to store the documents… Check!

The end result is a functional, but rudimentary document imaging process.

While the above document imaging approach can work in the short term, you will quickly reach a point where you are not making your business processes more efficient.  In fact, in most cases this will start to create a snowball of inefficiencies within your organization.  So what is missing?  The alignment of managing your business documents within your business processes in order to gain the most efficiency.

The first step toward true enterprise document management is understanding that you will need a system to store, but also to manage your business documents.  There are countless products in the market that will help you turn paper into electronic images, but few that make a big impact at the enterprise level with document management and process efficiency.  The core components of a true enterprise document management system should include the following:

  • Document Repository for electronic storage
  • Document Search & Retrieval to minimize the time it takes to find repository documents
  • Workflow Engine to manage document approval and collaboration processes
  • Integration with ERP systems is key to increasing efficiencies within your business processes
  • Input Automation to streamline document retrieval from sources inside and outside of your organization.
  • Output Automation to streamline document delivery inside and outside of your organization
  • Business Process Management for any department or process

Regardless of your department or job title, odds are you are managing paper and\or electronic documents manually in order to collaborate or get documents approved.  Imagine if a system could manage 95% of this process!  Below are few of the benefits of an enterprise document management system:

  • Cost Savings: reduced file cabinet and storage costs, printing and form costs, mailing and courier fees
  • Time Savings: streamlined processes resulting in decreased cycle times, simplified audits, and instant document retrieval
  • Process Improvements: users can manage to the exception with sophisticated reporting and auditing capabilities, workflow automation, and alerts and notifications

At KES, most customers who we have helped implement our enterprise document management solution have seen a  100% return on investment (ROI) in under 1 year.  In fact, many times the return was easily visible within less than 6 months.  As each of our clients continue to add various document types and further automate their business processes, our solution continues to deliver more and more impressive ROI numbers.  Contact KES if you are interested in beginning your document management and business process improvement journey!