Choosing the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution impacts everyone in your corporation from the top down.  As the CEO or the pilot at the helm, you need access to real-time data that can be used to make swift business decision.  Your crew, on the other hand, needs the tools to collect data and share it easily.  Although there are two different points of view with differing priorities, both the pilot and the crew can agree that ERP can either make their jobs easier or harder.

Businesses turn to ERP solutions to gain insight and control over business operations.  An integrated solution fosters communication and collaboration, as well as introduces automation.  CEOs and top managers need to be able to access the important information that guides strategic decisions.  The quicker they can reach key data, such as sales figures or inventory levels, the quicker they can respond to keep business operations sailing smoothly.

Their team also needs to have an easy-to-use tool to enter and share data.  The accounting department needs to keep up on payables and receivables, procurement needs to track real-time inventory, and manufacturing has to keep up with customer orders and scheduling production.  No one has time for confusing or complicated software solutions.  Making it easier to enter and share data will improve productivity across the board.

NetSuite ( is one of the leading ERP solutions that can satisfy both the pilot, as well as the crew.  This comprehensive ERP solution can manage core business functions including accounting and payroll, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, order fulfillment, billing, and much more.  NetSuite offers a whole new level of automation.   You can streamline quote-to-order by sharing data between the sales and finance departments, for example.  Then, your team can generate an invoice from a sales order with a single click of the mouse.  Reduce bottlenecks and protect data integrity by sharing data, instead of re-entering it repeatedly.  Your team can enter data quickly and efficiently and managers can monitor key metrics in real time.

Separate specialty software solutions create silos, separating people and stifling communication.  An integrated ERP solution, such as NetSuite, brings your team together and provides the control and visibility you need to stay ahead of the competition.  Learn more about the power of NetSuite here or contact us at Kraft Enterprise Solutions for more information.