Learn about Adaptive Insights formula game

Similar to the shell game, tracing a formula back to its source can be frustrating. Deciding how or where to enter that formula can be equally as challenging. Users ask all the time, how do I know what formula is in an account. Here is a quick and easy guide on formulas on General Ledger Accounts and Custom Accounts.

Standard Sheet Formulas: If you create a formula on a standard sheet, it is specific to only that level of your Organization Structure in that one cell. Therefore, if you want the same formula, to be on each level of your organization, you would need to go to each level and recreate the formula. An Administrator or a Standard user can utilize this type of formula. Formulas Page: Best practice is to enter formulas on the Formulas page to allow for better tracking and tracing. The Formulas screen allows Administrators to accomplish the following formula-related tasks:

  • Create default formulas in a specific account and level.
  • Modify formulas on levels – creating a different formula for each level.
  • Create formulas as a helpful starting point – Administrators can set up a default formula as a guide for the end user. If the formula should be locked, then the account can be marked as read-only on the sheet. Otherwise, the end user can change it or override it on the sheet and the formula just serves as the starting point.
  • Choose whether actuals data should be calculated or imported.                                                                                                                           

Master Formula (new with the 17.1 release) – While formulas on the Formulas page are version specific (each planning version and the one actuals version can each have a different formula), Master Formulas allow Administrators to set a new formula type on GL and Custom Accounts.
This new Master Formulas feature enables formulas that:

  • Override all data and share formulas previously entered.
  • Are managed in account administrations, ‘Modeling > General Ledger or Custom Accounts’.
  • Apply to every version. (Example: Net Income, EBITDA)
  • Apply to every level and across all time periods.
  • Are automatically read-only on sheets.

NOTE: If you need the ability to load actuals or override the formula, Master Formulas are not the preferred route. Utilizing the Formulas page will give you that flexibility.

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