Expand your NetSuite Data Toolkit

As NetSuite administrators, it's important to have access to pertinent company data at your fingertips, so we developed the KES ERP Toolkit, which brings a large variety of enhanced data display and management tools to both you and your users.

The KES ERP Toolkit provides many useful features to allow you to better present, report, and update data by managing imports, streamlining bulk record operations and offering saved searches. Best of all, the standard version is free for KES Systems Solutions (KES) customers!

Key Features of the KES ERP Toolkit

  • The KES Pivot Portlet allows you to easily place pivot tables on dashboards using saved searches. The premium version takes this a step further by allowing the display of multi-element pivot charts on your dashboard.
  • The KES List Portlet takes the ability to display search lists on your dashboard to the next level, including the ability to scroll left/right, fixed header, export to csv, and more.
  • The KES Calendar Portlet allows you to display custom calendars on your dashboard using saved searches (e.g. open invoices due by date on the calendar with drill capabilities).
  • The KES iFrame Portlet makes it easy to embed another NeSuite page or even an external page on your dashboard.
  • The Record Mass Delete Feature allows you to quickly mass delete records.
  • The Saved Search As A Service Feature (premium version only) allows you to expose any saved search results as a RESTful service in JSON format for external systems to access.
  • The KES Survey Feature (premium version only) provides basic survey management by emailing surveys to customers and recording the responses in NetSuite.

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