Most business owners and management teams feel like they are stuck with their existing business management solutions.  Having already invested in business software and for fear of interrupting a busy business, it may seem easier to live with the system in place.  However, you do have more options than you think.

If you are beginning to question whether your business solutions are working for you, then you probably already know the answer.  You may have reached limits with basic software systems due to business growth or changes.  Or, as your business matured, you may need to find and analyze data that you didn’t think to include when you chose your current solution.  Even though you already invested time and money into existing business technology, if you have a solution that isn’t working, you should consider making a change.  You may lose more time and money struggling with the wrong business software than it will take to get into a new solution.

You have many options when choosing a more fitting enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  You can choose an on-premise solution that utilizes your existing hardware and experienced IT team.  Or you may consider a cloud deployment that will reduce implementation costs by eliminating the need for in-house IT experts and new hardware.  Cloud deployments often take less time than on-premise deployments.  Solutions like NetSuite® ERP also offer choices with features and functionality.  This flexible solution allows users to choose the features that best meets your business needs without wasting money on features that won’t be used.

Many ERP solutions, including NetSuite ERP, are integrated which means you can manage all of your core business operations within a single solution – including financials, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing, human resources and payroll, and more.  Not only can you get to the data you need when you need it, the business intelligence features make it easier to spot trending data.  You can identify your best (and worst) selling products or services and find ways to further boost sales.  A robust ERP solution can improve productivity, profitability, and provide the solid foundation you need to drive steady growth.

You are not stuck with your existing business technology.  You have many options to consider that won’t break the bank or consume a busy organization.  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems to discuss your options with getting the best ERP solution for your business needs, in the timeframe you need, and within your budget.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a NetSuite Solution Provider out of Tennessee