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Live Webinar: What’s New with NetSuite 2022.1 and KES SuiteApps?

March 23 @ 11:00 am - 11:45 am CDT


Join our live webinar on March 23 to learn about the important updates and exciting new features included with NetSuite Release 2022.1.

What’s New with NetSuite 2022.1?

*New “Cash 360” Dashboard to gain insights into cash forecasting
*Receive PO’s across multiple subsidiaries, making it easier to manage inventory in multi-entity environments
*Track a second project budget to allow for both baseline and forecast budgets
*Link 2 datasets in SuiteAnalytics workbooks, bringing even more sophistication to multi-element reporting
*Select specific bank for ACH payment on vendor bills, making it easier to manage bill payments
*Visibility into vendor delivery performance to provide better insights and set staff/customer expectations
*Automatically process ACH processing files “stuck” in queue to eliminate manual reprocessing

As a bonus, we’ll also cover new features for our KES SuiteApps, specialized tools designed to fill the gaps in NetSuite functionality.

These exciting new features will help you increase efficiency even more!

What’s New with KES SuiteApps?

*A/P Toolkit now allows multi-subsidiary allocation on items (was previously only allowed on accounts)
*A/P Toolkit external (email) approval now allows for approver delegation
*A/P Toolkit now includes “pay when paid” feature to keep bills on payment hold until related customer invoice is paid
*A/R Toolkit now allows for automated application of open credit memos when new invoices are created
*A/R Toolkit now allows for automated write-off of small open customer invoice balances
*BillFinity now has option to auto-attach usage detail to invoice email
*Customer Portal now allows for charging of credit card convenience fees
*Customer Portal now has login audit trail to better manage customer logins

We look forward to connecting with you during our live webinar!

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March 23
11:00 am - 11:45 am CDT