ERP is Deployed – Now What?

After implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, you can sit back and watch the business solution do all the work, right?  Maybe you can take a long weekend to relax, but, no, you still have work to do.  Besides training your employees to use the software, you also need to make sure it’s working, and keep it in alignment with your business goals.

Like many businesses, you probably have a set of strategic short-term and long-term goals.  Now that you have an ERP solution in place, you can monitor the activities that will support your goals.  If, for example, you want to reduce the cash you spend on maintaining inventory levels, now you can measure your inventory more accurately.  Greater insight into your customer buying habits will make it easier to target products or product lines that you need to have on hand for replenishment orders.  Monitoring the quantity that your customers purchase, as well as how often they place orders, will give you the information you need to stock up on the right items, in reasonable quantities, and at the right time.  You might be able to take advantage of cost-savings from placing bulk orders.  You may also benefit from longer lead times so you aren’t burdened by high-cost, last minute shipping

You can use the dashboards in an ERP solution to monitor key metrics associated with your strategic goals.  Watching real-time data will give you the chance to react faster when activities are getting off track.  Keep an eye on inventory levels, sales figures, or proposed vs. actual budgets and make appropriate changes when they are needed, instead of responding to a disaster after-the-fact.

Some businesses set five-year goals and reevaluate those goals every two or three years.  Businesses often modify their goals in response to consumer pressures, the economy, and other factors.  An ERP solution will provide the control, insight, and the flexibility that you need to keep up with ever-changing marketplace and customer needs.  You can throw away the “we’ve always done it this way” mindset and use your ERP to improve productivity, profitability, and customer service every day.

Congratulations on deploying your new ERP solution.  Don’t rest on your laurels though.  Make sure your solution is helping you reach your strategic goals and is in alignment with your business operations.  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC for more information about what to do after your ERP is deployed.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a Tennessee ERP Solution Provider