Don’t Let Expiration Dates Hold Manufacturing Processes Back

There is nothing worse than starting to cook dinner and finding out that one of your important ingredients has expired.  It’s not always easy or convenient to stop everything and run up to the grocery store.  Imagine this on a larger scale, such as with a major food or beverage manufacturer.  You have an order to fulfill, but one of the items in stock has spoiled or expired.  This type of business interruption can be prevented with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that tracks inventory by expiration date.

Like many other types of manufacturing, the food and beverage industry has to comply with strict compliance standards and federal regulations, such as those managed by the US Food and Drug Administration.  On top of these challenges, a food and beverage manufacturer has to keep close tabs on the transportation of their raw ingredients and storage measures to prevent spoilage or damage.  When it comes time to process or package a food or beverage product, the raw ingredients have to be fresh to produce a safe final product.  However, food can spoil on the warehouse shelves, especially when the timing of production is delayed or doesn’t match with the shelf life of raw ingredients.  Reduce the chance of losing inventory to spoilage by using an ERP solution to schedule manufacturing operations in accordance with expiration dates.

Many manufacturers use ERP solutions to track financials, inventory, manufacturing operations, supply chain, and other core business operations.  But what some food and beverage businesses don’t realize is that they can use ERP solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics® AX, to manage expiration dates as well as first in/first out (FIFO) or first expired/first out (FEFO) picking practices.  Scheduling manufacturing and packaging processes, in accordance with expiration dates, can help you get fresh products to customers faster, while also reducing the chance for losing inventory to spoilage.  You can use this solution to manage multi-level recipes, varying packaging scenarios, as well as track the costs behind these multiple production options…the possibilities are endless!

For food and beverage manufacturers, it’s not easy to get replacement raw ingredients for manufacturing or packaging operations, like running up to the grocery store when you need an ingredient for dinner.  The right ERP solution can make it easier to track expiration dates and manufacture the freshest food and beverage products possible.  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC for more information about coordinating manufacturing operations with expiration dates with a solution like Microsoft Dynamics AX.

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a Microsoft ERP Partner out of Tennessee