KES Customer Care Plans

KES & Netsuite

Would you like to optimize your NetSuite software and reduce costs for ongoing support? Our KES Customer Care Plans are designed to enhance your NetSuite experience and eliminate surprise expenses with one all-inclusive package to cover your needs. We know NetSuite customers have different needs, so we have created three unique, client-centric care plans to help streamline support and ensure consistent service levels for your organization. Our goal is to help you get the most out of NetSuite.

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Customer Care Service Levels
Silver Package

Designed for customers who just need occasional support and minimal account management.

Gold Package

Designed for customers who are making ongoing enhancements and want additional assistance from KES to help optimize their NetSuite deployment.

Platinum Package

Designed for fully engaged customers who are looking for a true partner that works with them on a regular basis to improve their people, processes, and systems.

KES Services

KES Services The key services included as part of our customer care plans:


Readily available point of contact at KES who ensures that all non technical client needs are being met.


The Gold plan includes a review outlining potential impacts based on the customer environment. The Platinum plan takes this a step further, assisting with setting-up test plans and conducting testing.


Platinum plan only. Provides a training session of the customers’ choice.


NetSuite support and enhancements; hours included depend on the support level chosen. All support requests are submitted via the Kraft NetSuite support email or as a case using the KES portal.


All plans include an annual system review.  This starts with a basic health check with the Silver plan, moves up to a comprehensive health check with the Gold plan, and includes a full operations review and planning session with the Platinum plan.