Complicated Manufacturing Operations Require Simple Solutions

Manufacturing businesses often have multiple production strategies – products are assembled or made-to-order and some items may be made-to-stock.  During peak times when production takes place around the clock, products promised to customers could be mixed up with products that are getting stocked.  Smooth out a complicated process by using the right technology.

Your manufacturing team doesn’t want waste any time with setting up production, so you may have products being made-to-stock for a regular customer replenishment order that could be coming up on the calendar, as well as products being made-to-order for a more current customer need.  On those days that your production team is scrambling to get products assembled or made, there could be inventory scattered about the production floor, assembled products in staging areas, and it isn’t difficult to imagine that both inventory and finished products could be sent in several different directions.  Using separate specialty software programs to keep count of inventory and assembled products is inefficient, and can be inaccurate when workers are too busy to keep figures updated.  Multiple production goals and preparing products for several customers can add complication to manufacturing operations and you can’t trust simple software solutions to keep track of it all.  You need a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics® AX.

Many ERP solutions offer comprehensive, integrated features that make it easier to manage core business operations, including financials, inventory, supply chain, and more.  Microsoft Dynamics AX also offers production scheduling and manufacturing functionality, including tracking inventory for several common manufacturing strategies – configure or assemble to order, make-to-order, and make-to-stock.  Strategizing inventory forecasting and production goals can improve the productivity of your manufacturing operations and give you the insight needed to monitor profit margins.  You can keep track of true production costs, real time inventory expenses, and also calculate throughput and work center costs.

Your warehouse and production floor can be a busy and confusing place.  It’s possible to lose track of inventory and assembled products, especially during the busiest times when you are running several shifts to build up your stock, as well as fulfill multiple customer orders.  Disparate software programs are inefficient and can lead to even greater confusion.  Contact Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC for more information about simplifying complicated manufacturing operations with a comprehensive ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX. 

By Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC, a Tennessee Microsoft ERP Partner