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4 Ways To Get More From Your Accounting System Implementation

Once a company completes an accounting system implementation, the system often takes a backseat to other projects. An article on Panorama Consulting Solutions’ blog suggests a post-implementation audit helps maximize system usage. The audit should look at elements being used inefficiently, the number and use of licenses, user experiences and workarounds as well as vulnerability and areas of risk.

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States, Rates, and Debates: Why You Should Leave Sales Tax Compliance To The Experts [WEBINAR]

Join us for this free webinar, “States, Rates, and Debates: Why you should leave sales tax compliance to the experts,” led by Matthew Patrick of Avalara. You’ll learn about best practices for sales tax compliance for small and mid-sized businesses. We’ll discuss the current sales tax climate and show you how Avalara uses automation to make managing sales tax easier.

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