The Ultimate Guide to Scenario Planning

NetSuite Scenario Financial Planning

By building organizational awareness of what could happen, leaders may spot warning signs of brewing challenges so they can respond proactively. When a worst-case event arises, scenario planning documents add tremendous value by playing out multiple outcomes and listing immediate steps to contain damage.

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New Products and AI Bring More ‘Suiteness’ for NetSuite Customers

New NetSuite products and AI

Today’s wave of AI innovation makes NetSuite’s “Suiteness” even more relevant and powerful. NetSuite understands what data actually represents for your business in the relationships across your business. So with that data, and insight about your whole business, NetSuite can leverage AI in more powerful ways than point solutions can.

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Maximize Your NetSuite Investment Through Optimization

Maximize Your NetSuite Investment Through Optimization

NetSuite is a robust, leading ERP system; however, like many powerful platforms, it can be overwhelming to determine how best to use the software in your organization to take advantage of its features. Learn how to optimize NetSuite and streamline your internal processes, so you can maximize your investment.

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My Goal is to Make our Clients’ Lives Easier

Anthony Cerone Senior NetSuite Consultant

Meet Anthony Cerone – In my role as a NetSuite Consultant, my main objective is to ensure that our clients have a top-notch experience with Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) and their NetSuite environment. My goal is to help clients spend their time thinking and analyzing data in NetSuite to solve problems rather than mechanically clicking buttons to do tasks.

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17 Growth Levers CFOs Can Pull Now

CFO growth ideas during an economic recession

In tough times, finance tends to have a common gut reaction: Cut deep and cut soon. But over correcting can hobble growth for years to come. Learn how to position your business to take off running when economic recovery comes.

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7 Tips to Make Your ERP Implementation a Treat

Making your ERP Implementation a Treat | NetSuite

Implementing a new ERP system can be a scary process. You know you want the latest features, controls, and insights included in a new system, but getting from “here-to-there” can be daunting. Don’t get too spooked; there are ways to significantly increase the odds that your ERP implementation will be successful.

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Do I Need A NetSuite Sandbox?

NetSuite Sandbox

A NetSuite Sandbox allows you to create customizations, experiment with new features, train users, find errors, and build new enhancements in a safe and secure account, without fear of impacting your production account.

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SuiteWorld 2023 Wrap Up

NetSuite SuiteWorld 2023 - Wrap Up

Glenn Hofmann, managing director of Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES), gives his final thoughts on SuiteWorld 2023 in this short video.

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SuiteWorld 2023 Day Two

NetSuite SuiteWorld 2023 - Day 2

Glenn Hofmann, managing director of Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES), walks you through the product highlights of NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2023 in this short video. Highlights include using AI to do more with less, and using continuous close to monitor and respond to activities throughout the month, making closing easier.

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SuiteWorld 2023 Day One

NetSuite SuiteWorld 2023 - Day 1

Glenn Hofmann, managing director of Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES), walks you through the highlights of NetSuite’s SuiteWorld 2023 in this short video. He talks about taking NetSuite to the next level through advanced tools that provide predictability and give you insight into your business and NetSuite’s recent focus on AI and machine learning.

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What is Continuous Planning?

NetSuite Continuous Planning

Every business must be able to quickly respond to external factors and adapt to shifting priorities. One way to stay ahead of the game is through continuous planning. This approach eschews the traditionally siloed and static plans of the past in favor of constant, collaborative decision-making that drives innovation.

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6 Tools to Optimize the Performance of Your NetSuite Account

Tools to optimize your NetSuite account.

Like visiting the doctor for an annual checkup, it’s important to regularly assess the health of your business systems. Luckily, NetSuite offers several tools to allow users to proactively review and optimize the performance and health of their NetSuite instances.

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10 Tips for Choosing the Right ERP

Choosing the Right ERP | NetSuite Solution Provider

From finance and accounting, to inventory management and professional service automation, ERP improves efficiency and cross-departmental coordination by connecting core business functions, eliminating redundancies and manual tasks, and providing a single source of data to ensure that the entire business is working from the same script.

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More Tips for Enhancing Your NetSuite Saved Searches

NetSuite Saved Search is a customizable tool that enables you to search all records in NetSuite. With its advanced features, you can create powerful saved searches to easily retrieve the data you need for your business. Define criteria, use complex logic, access custom tools, and more.

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3 Ways to Prepare for Budgeting Season

Prepare for budget season | NetSuite Solution Provider

It’s that time of year again – budgeting season has arrived. The budget is crucial for companies to plan for the future and uncover opportunities to enhance profitability. To ensure a smoother process, organizations can take proactive measures to improve collaboration and efficiency.

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Combat Sales Tax Compliance Challenges

Avalara for NetSuite Sales Tax Webinar

Are your systems tracking where you should be collecting sales tax? Are you offering complex products/services that could have varying tax treatments in different locations? Are you overwhelmed with the number of filings you need to manage? If so, then Avalara for NetSuite might be right for you.

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See Why Customers are Switching from Microsoft Dynamics to NetSuite

Switch from Microsoft Dynamics to NetSuite

Executives expressed the need for a cloud-based ERP system that allows them to respond to market dynamics through rapid scalability and gives employees access from any location. They desire a full view of the customer to equip employees with real-time data to support intelligent decision making.

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