Can your ERP system scale as you grow?


Can Your Business Systems Scale As You Grow?

Wednesday, April 26
11:00 am - 12:00 pm (CST)

Ensuring your needs are met, now and in the future

As businesses grow, they need to adjust their processes to handle increased demand. Often, their business systems can't keep up, resulting in inefficiency, customer service issues, and potentially lost revenue. A robust ERP system can grow and scale with you by 1) allowing you to add only those features you need now but also providing additional options for later and 2) allowing you to scale up to address increased bandwidth requirements.

Whether you're looking for an ERP system or already on NetSuite, we're here to help you understand how to ensure your business systems are meeting your needs now and in the future.

Join us on Wednesday, April 26 at 11:00 am (CST) for a live webinar "Can Your Business Systems Scale As You Grow?"

Webinar Topics

This webinar will focus on two areas of company growth/scalability:

  • First, as your business grows, does your system have the capacity to keep up, including:
    • Processing bandwidth - the power of your servers
    • Throughput bandwidth - your internet “pipe” (for the cloud)
    • Concurrency bandwidth - capacity for integrations
    • Continuity capabilities - system redundancy and backup
  • Second, as your business evolves, does your system have the capability to evolve with you, including:
    • Comprehensive capabilities for any business type
    • Additional features available to purchase as you need them
    • Third-party solutions to further expand capabilities
    • Customization for your new and unique needs

During this webinar, we will cover the above topics generically for ERP systems and specifically regarding Oracle NetSuite solutions. We hope you can join us for this important topic as you look towards growing your company.


Glenn Hofmann
Managing Director
Kraft Enterprise Systems

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