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Is A Cloud Accounting Solution Right For You?

By Gaejtens Cadet | July 6, 2012

Cloud is the newest buzzword and it’s get a lot of attention. But how do you know if cloud accounting is the right technology for your company? A recent Dynamic Business article examines the new technology and outlines some of its benefits, including the ability to store data offsite for remote access. It also allows multiple users to update the system at one time.

More CPAs Think Economy Is On The Rebound

By Gaejtens Cadet | July 5, 2012

According to an Accounting Web article, financial executives believe the economy is going to improve this year, with both revenue and profits expected to increase. But while some companies see the need to invest in technology for their businesses, they’re hesitant to spend money right now. They may start the research process now, but delay their purchase.

5 Ways Technology Can Streamline Accounts Payable

By Gaejtens Cadet | July 4, 2012

A Business Computing World article outlined five ways to boost accounts payable efficiency, including imaging supplier invoices electronically and automatically circulating information around companies. Other tips include boosting efficiency by embracing mobile technology, using optimal character recognition and choosing e-mail over traditional mail whenever possible.