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Is Human Resource Management Software Microsoft’s Next Step?

By Gaejtens Cadet | July 11, 2012

Human Resource Management software is in growing demand, and Microsoft is in a unique position to etch out a corner of the burgeoning market. HRM is vital to service-based organizations, and as the United States turns toward a service-based economy, the software will grow in popularity. Microsoft isn’t pursuing the HRM software market yet, but if it does, it could hold all the cards.

Are 2 ERP Systems Better Than One?

By Gaejtens Cadet | July 10, 2012

Instead of having one ERP solution for the entire company, some businesses are finding it more cost-effective for specific divisions to have their own ERP solution tailored to their needs. A dual system helps companies reduce cost as they reduce the number of users. At the same time, companies looking to operate multiple ERP systems would do well to consider how they integrate when making their selection.

Will Private Companies Get A New GAAP?

By Gaejtens Cadet | July 9, 2012

A newly created organization, the Private Company Council, was tasked with improving accounting standards for private companies. The PCC will advise the Financial Accounting Standards Board on accounting matters for private companies, particularly whether GAAP needs to be altered to better address the business needs of private firms.