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4 Reasons To Consider Workforce Analytics

By Gaejtens Cadet | July 18, 2012

Advanced workforce analytics are enabling enterprises to make better hiring and staffing decisions. Service organizations, which rely on human capital, need this kind of information. An article on Deloitte’s blog outlines four factors that are driving companies to consider advanced analytics tools: the need to look forward; workforce complexity; untapped data; and the cloud reducing entry barriers.

How Can Your Company Get More From Analytics?

By Gaejtens Cadet | July 17, 2012

A company’s proficiency in using business intelligence and analytics goes hand-in-hand with the company’s culture, according to a recent article on Companies must determine the metrics that are the most relevant to their business and then choose the solution that best fits their needs.

4 Reasons Web Portals Are Becoming Business Essentials

By Gaejtens Cadet | July 16, 2012

Web portals save everyone time and make the exchange of files easier, providing security, efficiency and cost containment, an article on AccountingWEB explains. The cloud is the platform of choice for this type of service and it’s still growing in popularity. Web portals provide greater accessibility, lower mailing costs, improved productivity and better company branding.