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Accounting depatment

Future-proof your accounting department

By Gaejtens Cadet | December 14, 2016

Businesses are evolving and changing faster now than at any time in the past. While experiencing rapid growth and change, some private businesses falter under the weight of their own stature. A failure in financial reporting or compliance can quickly have a huge impact on corporate reputation and the company’s prospects for continued growth and profitability.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Year End – It’s That Time Again!

By Autumn Harris | November 15, 2016

By Autumn Harris With the end of the calendar year approaching, the Microsoft Dynamics GP team is preparing for 2016 year-end updates that will be required for W2’s or 1099’s. If you would like to schedule year-end payroll or 1099 assistance with KES, please contact Autumn Harris, KES Client Account Manager at *protected email*. With year-end being…

NetSuite vs Salesforce: Key Differentiators

By Meredith Schultenover | August 16, 2016

NetSuite vs Salesforce: Key Differentiators By  Meredith Schultenover, Managing Director, Kraft Enterprise Systems Recently, a friend contacted me to ask my opinion about (SFDC) as an option for a new CRM system.  This friend has also asked me in the past about ERP systems.  He owns a distribution company where they are running their sales…

Don’t be like Delta – All flights cancelled due to IT failure

By KES Team | August 11, 2016

KES Team Authored: Delta has experienced and is still experiencing as of this writing (8.9.2016) one of the most massive computer software failures in history, which is going to cost them millions of dollars. Ultimately, this level of disruption might cost them much more, when the potential long term loss of customers is included. My…

Why your ERP should embrace customizations

By Autumn Harris | August 11, 2016

KES Team Authored – Having worked in the mid-market ERP space for 10 years now, customization can be a very dirty word when it comes to ERP implementations.  When I first started my career, a customization could mean hours of consulting and coordination between the business, a functional consultant and a developer.  That would be…

Why partners matter in ERP implementations

By Autumn Harris | August 11, 2016

KES Team Authored – Our business is built on selling solutions built by other companies.  We do not create software as a defining part of our business, although we have on occasion.  We specialize in implementing solutions that larger companies design, create, roadmap and code.  So this begs the question, would the publisher and creator be the…

Dynamics GP 2016 New Feature Training Videos Available on CustomerSource

By Autumn Harris | June 21, 2016

  With the release of Dynamics GP 2016, Microsoft has released updated training materials for the new version.  These materials cover the following new features: OData,  which provides the ability to access the information in Dynamics GP through Microsoft Excel or PowerBI The new HTML5 web Client.  With the new web client, you can now…

NetSuite Tips & Tricks – Maximizing Your Global Search Results

By KES Team | June 21, 2016

Whether you are a new or experienced NetSuite user, chances are you heavily rely on the global search feature to find information quickly. Located across the top of your environment, the global search feature allows you to locate transactions, records, reports or searches by typing in just a few related characters. Open a New Window…

Could Your Accounts Payable Department Be More Efficient?

By Chrystal Chambers | June 21, 2016

The largest volume of manual paper and business processes within an organization can usually be found in the Accounts Payable (“AP”) department. This makes AP the best place to start when you are looking to increase efficiencies. Here are some common AP business issues your organization may be experiencing:   Tim filing, retrieving and delivering papers…

Total cost of ownership – you’re doing it wrong

By Autumn Harris | April 28, 2016

KES Team Authored – IT and Finance departments everywhere love to use the total cost of ownership comparison when evaluating a buying decision. This practice is particularly common when applied to software purchases. How much is this software application going to cost over the next five years? What are the expected benefits, both soft (qualitative)…

It pays to be different with digital

By Autumn Harris | April 28, 2016

KES Team Authored- In one of my favorite marketing books, The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout, the authors outline some rules about what makes certain companies successful. For instance, one of my favorite “laws” in the book is the law of leadership which means it is more advantageous to be…

Project management efficiencies lead to more profit for service companies

By Autumn Harris | April 28, 2016

KES Team Authored – Project and resource management software can create efficient and repeatable business processes for service companies. There are various levels of maturity in service organizations as outlined in the Professional Services Maturity Benchmark Study from SPI Research. Project management software should allow for visibility into the project status, enable ease of communications both…

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