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NetSuite has a better way to handle intercompany accounting

3 Steps to Taming Intercompany Accounting

August 11, 2023

Disparate systems, lack of visibility across business units, inconsistent intercompany policies and procedures, and dependence on spreadsheets can make performing intercompany reconciliation and elimination a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. NetSuite has a better way.

NetSuite 2023.2 Update features

NetSuite 2023.2 Brings Increased Accuracy and Productivity 

August 9, 2023

NetSuite 2023.2 is equipping organizations to balance the desire for growth with the need to protect profits. New features enhance account reconciliation, invoice processing, cash management and more.

Use KPIs and OKRs to become a data-driven organization. NetSuite can help.

Making Metrics Matter

August 9, 2023

Learn how companies can go beyond KPIs and also use Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to create a data-centric culture, track progress, and encourage a quantified approach across departments. OKRs provide a data-based framework to allow businesses to easily define measurable goals and establish structured tracking.

Move from QuickBooks to NetSuite for Inventory Management

Inventory Management Made Easy

July 17, 2023

As a company grows and/or starts adding sales channels, entering inventory manually and syncing QuickBooks with external inventory management systems becomes time consuming and more prone to errors.

NetSuite Inventory Counts & Warehouse Management

Easing the Pain of Physical Inventory Counts

July 17, 2023

While physical inventory counts are a necessary evil, they needn’t be such a burden. This guide explores inventory count challenges, shows the benefits of regular, scheduled cycle counting, and discusses how a cloud ERP solution enables high inventory accuracy year-round.

Mitch Hunzelman, NetSuite Consultant, Kraft Enterprise Systems

Introducing our Newest KES Team Member – Mitch Hunzelman

July 12, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Mitch Hunzelman has joined Kraft Enterprise Systems (KES) as a NetSuite consultant.

AI and Machine Learning for CFOs | NetSuite ERP Solution Provider

The CFOs Guide to AI and Machine Learning

June 30, 2023

Whether you’re considering adopting AI and machine learning tech or not, having tools that your team can leverage to be more efficient is critical — as finance leaders continue to prioritize solutions that provide added visibility and control into their operations.

Private Equity Firm Webinar: Standardize Portfolio Operations with NetSuite

Standardize Portfolio Operations with NetSuite

June 28, 2023

Private equity and venture capital firms need the best possible data on the financial health of their portfolio companies for compliance, growth, and exit strategies. An ERP platform can help you consolidate data, standardize processes and reporting, and streamline financials across portfolio operations.

NetSuite ERP Health Check

The Importance of an ERP Health Check

June 25, 2023

While it might be second nature for us to maintain our health and vehicles, businesses often overlook health checks for their ERP system and related processes. An ERP system health check can prevent little problems from turning into major issues and help you proactively plan for future business changes. Schedule yours today.