Customer Portal for NetSuite

4 Benefits of a Self-Service Customer Portal

Work Smarter, Not Harder in NetSuite

With hiring challenges and rampant inflation, smart businesses are taking the opportunity to evaluate cost-effective ways to increase efficiency and provide better value to customers. While efficiency and improved customer satisfaction may have been on a “wish list” in the past, these factors are now crucial for businesses to survive and stay competitive in the new marketplace where customers have higher expectations and are demanding more from their business partnerships. How can your business begin to accommodate these new expectations, while keeping efficiency in mind?

An effective and easy place to start is by providing your customers with an online self-service portal – one convenient platform to manage their invoices, payments, credit card/bank ACH information and more. As the world becomes increasingly digital and a large majority of the workforce continues to operate outside of traditional office settings, a self-service portal will go a long way when it comes to being accessible and making your customers’ lives easier – not to mention increasing efficiency for your accounts receivable team and business overall.

After working with our NetSuite customers and gathering feedback for a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy online portal, we partnered with MerchantE to bring the NetSuite community a powerful and easy-to-use solution: The KES Customer Portal. Completely secure and fully integrated with NetSuite, this online self-service customer portal will allow your customers to manage their account information in one convenient place – this includes the ability to view/print/pay invoices, make payments via credit card or bank ACH, update payment information, submit support cases, and more. MerchantE’s revolutionary solution, MerchantE for SuitePayments, allows for completely secure payment processing directly within the KES Customer Portal.

Empower your Customers and Save Costs

24/7 customer account access

If your AR team is spending time tracking down lost invoices and just overall trying to manage your “good enough” process, the cost of this wasted time might be higher than you would think. An online self-service customer portal will allow your customers to manage and update their account information without having to contact your AR team.

Increased efficiency

If your AR team isn’t spending time hunting down invoice balances and returning phone calls and emails to customers, there will be a lot more time to spend on tasks more impactful to the business. Studies suggest that around 26% of an employee’s day is wasted on avoidable administrative tasks and inefficient ways of working. In what more effective ways could your AR team contribute if they are freed up from unnecessary and redundant tasks?

Improved customer satisfaction

With an online portal, your customers will have all their account information at their fingertips. Frustration from digging through emails for lost invoices or calling an AR team to update payment information will be eliminated and customer satisfaction will soar.

Maintain your company’s competitive edge  

A recent study revealed that 90% of customers expect a business to offer an online self-service portal. In the current digital age, customers simply don’t have the time to wait around to speak with someone to update their account information. They want the option to handle their payments and account updates on their own timeframe.

To learn more, view our KES Customer Portal Expressinar.

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