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Why Your Company Should Adopt NetSuite in 2016

Is your organization a fast growing company with a continually evolving business model? Do departments consistently rely on spreadsheets for operational and financial information? Is e-mail a system of record for the business? These are all signs that it might be time to adopt a full scale business management system. While that sounds like a…

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Why Pay Legacy ERP Maintenance Fees?

Many legacy ERP products like Sage, Epicor, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics require expensive maintenance fees ranging from 16-24% of the full product price. What is included in that yearly fee? Support and the right to future software releases are generally included in these fees. However, most legacy ERP systems have been customized, which translates into…

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How To Succeed in B2B e-Commerce

E-Commerce has helped many retailers open up new markets, expand offerings and increase revenue. Most notably, the estimated sales volume from Black Friday through Cyber Monday increased by double digits while in-store purchases decreased by almost $1 Billion. The majority of Black Friday purchases are B2C (Business to Consumer) and is obviously very different than…

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